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Comcast developing 2-gigabit speeds

May 21st, 2015

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Likely as a response to Google Fiber’s encroachment and PR fallout from their recent FCC-blocked purchase of TWC, Comcast has been pushing to install gigabit internet speeds in Knoxville, Tennessee. Read more

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Could Verizon move to purchase Dish Network?

May 20th, 2015

Verizon-logo-big is reporting that Citigroup’s management is pushing Verizon to purchase Dish Network, on the heels of their $4.4 billion dollar purchase of AOL two weeks ago. Read more

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Dish Network reported to offer wireless voice, video and data

May 15th, 2015


DISH Network, the second largest satellite TV provider is looking to become a full-fledged telecom provider too. Read more

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Internet running out of “IP” addresses, the phone numbers of the web

May 14th, 2015


When the internet was created, it had space for 4.3 billion addresses. That might seem a lot, but we could be running out soon — and techies aren’t agreed on what to do about it. Read more

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Verizon finally buys AOL for $4.4 Billion

May 12th, 2015

In a move that’s sure to bring back memories of dial-up modems and A.I.M Instant Messenger, Verizon has purchased AOL for $4.4 billion dollars.

The amount seems high, but is a paltry amount compared to AOL’s pruported worth of $222 billion in just 15 years ago. (That’s a loss of $39 million a day since 2000.) Read more

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T-Mobile and BlackBerry announce new partnership, no merger

May 11th, 2015


Launching on May 13 is another curious move by up-and-coming T-Mobile, which looks to not want to settle for fourth (and distant) place in the cell wars between AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. Read more

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Dish earnings rise in spite of cord cutting by consumers

May 10th, 2015

The Dish Network logo on the side of installers truck is seen in Denver

How are they doing it?

Via Reuters and the Nielsen ratings company, Dish Network Corp reported a 3.6 percent rise in quarterly revenue as it earned more per user in its core pay-TV business, making up for a fall in subscribers. The second-largest U.S. satellite TV company said average revenue per user rose to $86.01 from $82.36. The company slightly raised prices in February, and said net pay-TV subscribers fell by about 134,000 to 13.84 million in the first quarter ended March 31. Read more

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Details from Comcast’s $45 pull-out of TWC takeover

April 30th, 2015


Comcast originally announced the deal to merge with TWC back in 2014, which was valued at $45.2 billion in stock. The merge was met with criticism from not only the general public and government officials, concerned about already powerful television and Internet providers creating the potential of a monopoly; John Oliver’s insights during the June 1st episode of “Last Week Tonight” hammer home the danger of corporate giants ruling with an iron fist. Read more

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Early look at Apple Watch Apps — TV in the works?

April 27th, 2015


If you’re struggling to find useful and/or working apps for your Apple Watch, you’re not alone. Apps have been notoriously buggy in the young life of Apple Watch, and it can also be hard to find a reason to open apps on a watch instead of pulling them up on a phone or tablet.  Below are three  apps that are worth your time (get it?).

Dark Sky

Dark Skies is a fairly straightforward weather app that does its best work without needing to be opened. As the name indicates, when severe or inclement weather is on your horizon, you will receive a notification letting you know the end (or a thunderstorm) is near. The app can be opened for more specific weather updates, but the passive notifications are the calling card.

The New York Times

Tired of reading the short synopsis of articles at the top of a website? Frustrated when your Facebook friends take three sentences to explain the gist of breaking news? The New York Times app has you covered, providing one sentence stories (not headlines) that fit easily on the watch screen.

The Times’ Watch app holds about six stories at a time. If any one catches your interest,  scroll down for a few additional bullet points of information or a photo. If you want to read the entire story, just Force Touch and save it for later. “The app’s goal is to give you a very quick way to catch up on the biggest recent news, and it accomplishes that in a really satisfying way. It’s one of the more polished and responsive apps that we’ve seen,” says Jacob Kastrenakes of “The Verge.”


Tired of fumbling for your phone to figure out what song is playing? Shazam on your wrist makes it a quick and easy process, communicating with your phone in your pocket (hopefully you aren’t wearing sound-proof pants). Though not quite as streamlined as it would be if the Apple Watch Shazam app could listen to music, it is still an effective and much more casual way of looking up songs and lyrics on the go.

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DISH’s Anywhere App Nails It

April 24th, 2015

Surely, I’m not the only person tired of getting spotty show recommendations. Fortunately, DISH Network’s DISH Anywhere app provides a healthy remedy. Now customers can use their mobile DISH Anywhere app to receive personalized recommendations based on their own viewing history. Individual profiles help personalize the experience even more.

According to a DISH Network blog announcement, “The profiles allow each viewer to set up their own username and avatar in the mobile app. This means each viewer will receive personalized programming recommendations based on their specific viewing habits, not the household’s favorites.” Read more

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