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Return of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’

March 29th, 2013

Game of Thrones is returning for its third season and the powerful HBO drama based on George R. R. Martin’s complex fantasy series is highly anticipated. The show details the power struggles of the seven royal families of the mythical empire of Westeros, as well as the trials of all of those who get in their way. It’s often described as a “Lord of the Rings“-sized epic, though Martin hasn’t (yet) invented his own languages, and it’s sweeping grandeur and thick plot lines are exactly the kind of intriguing fare people look for from premium cable channels like HBO.

In the first season we were introduced to Westeros via Winterfell, hold of the Starks, the family that rules over the cold, northern most lands that abut with The Wall, a soaring wall of ice that was built and maintained to keep the horrors of the frozen wasteland beyond it away from the kingdom. Soon the show carried us to the capital city of King’s Landing and throughout the empire. The political machinations were at times revealed and at other times hidden, weaving the viewer into the plots and intrigues throughout the season until the final explosive episode that left us all desperate for more. The second season delivered as well as the first, equal parts fascinating and frustrating, as Martin has created a world in which he lets you know, again and again and again, the good guys hardly ever come out on top.

Now the much awaited third season is upon us and HBO has released trailers that show the last two seasons were simply setting the stage and this season will be bigger and better than before.

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