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June 12th, 2019

NEW YORK Few rivalries can live up to Yankees-Red Sox, but the feudhasn’t had the same gravitas lately.It’s been a while since we’ve seen something akin to Pedro Martinez to sing Don Zimmer to the ground, or Jason Varitek and Alex Rodriguez coming to blows. Lou Piniellas just aren’t barreling Carlton Fisks over anymore.I’ve seen the video and replays on YouTube, Yankees starter Luis Severino told Sporting News. They used to fight a lot.MORE: How the diminutive Ronald Torreyes became a stalwart YankeeWhile the absence of violence these days is probably for the best, the overall rivalry has died down. Aside from CC Sabathia cursing out Eduardo Nunez for buntingThursday, the tension has been lacking in recent years. The Red Sox have been on again, off again contenders, while the Yankees have fielded average, aging ball clubs. There’s been little to get hyped up about when the two teams face off.That’s not the case this season. With both teams in it to win it and battling in the Bronx this weekend, there’s been plenty of reason for excitement. One is the rivalry’s infusion of young ballplayers.In New York, the likes of Severino, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird and Clint Frazier have contributed to an aggre sive youth movement. Boston’s has been a bit more drawn out, with players like Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts and Eduardo Rodriguez debuting long before Andrew Benintendi and Rafael Devers. Every one of those guys is 25 or younger, though.One thing they all have in common is inexperience, though some have le s than others. It’s not always easy being so young in the majors.I try not to get caught up in all of that. I don’t, Devers, 20, told Sporting News through an interpreter. The pre sure to play well is there but with the daily work that I put in I won’t have to worry about that moving forward.What he and all these other young Yankees and Red Sox will have to worry about is each other.These youngsters are bound to impact this rivalry for years to come, though some aren’t nece sarily thinking that far ahead. Betts told Sporting News it’s hard to look at the big picture during the grind of Ian Desmond Jersey an 162-game season.MORE: Red Sox fans are probably enjoying Aaron Judge’s crazy collapseWe don’t think about that at all, he said. We’re just a young group of guys who have fun playing baseball and whoever’s acro s the line we’re competing against them. I don’t think we think about the rivalry at all.Frazierhas an opposite mindset.The 22-year-old Yankee is currently on the disabled list, but he got to play at Fenway Park for the first time on July 15. He called it one of the coolest experiences I’ve had as a baseball player.[The rivalry is] good for everybody. Not just the fans or for us it’s good for baseball. It used to be such a big rivalry back in the day and going forward I think everyone wants to get back to that, Frazier told Sporting News. It’s the Red Sox-Yankees.There’s a reason the stands are filled out for us playing it’s the past these two teams have together.Benintendi agreed with Frazier’s point about the fans and the game benefiting. Like his teammate Betts, his mind is not occupied by thoughts regarding the rivalry.It’s obviously two big teams, Benintendi who has already earned a reputation as Yankees killer told Sporting News. I grew up watching it, but I feel like it’s more the fans going at it.So not every player involved is all that invested in the rivalry. That doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting for those watching.His thoughts may not align with those of his Boston counterparts or even some of his teammates, but Frazier is excited for the future of baseball’s oldest grudge.We’re making the rivalry interesting again.

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