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DISH Network in Charlotte, NC

Bring the best satellite TV to the Crown Town

Charlotte, North Carolina is undoubtedly one of the most influential cities not only in the state, but throughout the mid-Atlantic region. You as a Charlottean have taken up your residence there for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s the decent weather that you’re lucky to experience day in and out, or the economic prosperity has raised a high level of promise for your lifestyle.

No matter what your reasons could be, you are also in the right position to get Dish Network satellite TV in your home today. When you’re not out exploring the many wonders of downtown Charlotte, you can be at home getting more than 280 channels to enjoy day in and out.

With its cutting edge technology highly-regarded service, Dish Network in Charlotte, NC is the way to go for your home entertainment needs. When you call today, you’ll be in the running to get a free Hopper® upgrade. This HD DVR device has gotten the attention of several technology publications such as PC Magazine.

The Dish Network Hopper® in Charlotte, NC

Just what is it about the Hopper® that has tech experts and Dish customers smiling about?

  • With a 2 TB hard drive, the Hopper® has the capability to store up to 2,000 hours worth of programming.
  • You’ll be able to record six different channels (four local, and two of your own decision) at one time
  • Through PrimeTime Anytime on the DISH Hopper®, you’ll be opened up to a huge selection of On Demand features.


Bring local Charlotte, NC channels in the mix with Dish Network

Do you value having local channels in Charlotte, NC? With Dish Network, you will have the opportunity to get eight different HD local channels. Of these include WSOC, your local ABC affiliate. You’ll also get your local NBC affiliate WCNC in high definition as well. If PBS is your station of choice, Dish Network can provide three stations. These include UNCTV, WNSC, and WTVI.

Local channels offer a level of Charlotte-focused programming that you won’t find anywhere else. With the right equipment in the mix, you will get this programming in high-definition for the kind of picture that you have always wanted.

Free Dish Network installation is good. Free installation in six rooms is even better

With a contractual agreement in place, you’ll be able to get a free professional installation of Dish Network in your Charlotte, NC home in up to six separate rooms! This is an unbeatable deal.

Compare this to DIRECTV, who offers installation in up to only four rooms. Why settle for less? Dish Network in Charlotte, NC brings more of the goods to city residents, as well as residents throughout the entire great state of North Carolina.

The Sling from Dish Network

On top of all the great things that you can do with the Hopper, you can also learn about the Sling adapter. This is an incredible compact device that lets you watch your favorite live programming anywhere you happen to be, even when you aren’t home. Whether you’re on a business trip two hours away in Raleigh, or headed north to Virginia, the Sling adapter connects to your receiver so that your TV is in your pocket through your smartphone or tablet anytime.

Ready to make the change to Dish Network in Charlotte? Call today!

If Dish Network for your Charlotte, NC home sounds like the best option, then make the call today!

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