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Dish Network. Philadelphia, PA Style

Don’t settle for anything less for your home entertainment. Bring Dish Network to your place today

Philadelphia, PA pride is at the degree that few other American cities can measure up to. Although some cuisine staples like the Philly cheese steak and soft pretzel are novelty items adopted by other cities, you as a Philadelphian know what it really means to be in the city.

You’ve been exposed to a wealth of entertainment and culture that can only be attributed to Philly, and now you just have to figure out what you want to do about your own entertainment. Through Dish Network packages and specials, you’ll get the setup that you have always dreamed about.

Dish Network has long been one of the most trusted names in the industry of satellite TV for its numerous amount of channels, its leading technology, and standard-setting service. When it comes to Philadelphia, you’ll be able to liven up your neighborhood with more than 170 high definition channels as part of the 280 channel selection that comes with the Everything Pak that you can only get from Dish Network.

Philadelphia knows Sports. Dish Network brings them to you

If you’ve been living in Philadelphia for some time, chances are that you have immersed yourself in the passionate sports culture that stands as one of the defining factors of the city itself. If you’ve just moved to the city, be ready to witness some serious sports action from all four of the major leagues.

Trying to get tickets to an Eagles or Flyers can be difficult and expensive. You shouldn’t have to put yourself through a great deal of stress just to check out the sports that you love. When you order Dish Network, you’ll get a great wealth of sports channels and even special packages that bring your more action than you thought was possible.

  • Philadelphia Eagles – During the NFL season, the Eagles take the center stage in the city of Brotherly Love. If you want to get more access to NFL games, see how channels such as the NFL Network and NFL RedZone bring you more the action that you can’t get enough of. More coverage, more games, more fun.
  • Philadelphia Flyers – The Flyers are recognized as one of the finest teams in the entire NHL. You have plenty of reasons to be proud of being a fan. With NHL CENTER ICE on Dish Network, you’ll get up to 40 games of NHL action during the season, including Flyers games as well.
  • Philadelphia 76ers – Catch more slam-dunks and 3-pointers through Dish Network with NBA LEAGUE PASS. This special sports packages provides more NBA games per week than any cable network can. Bring more the 76ers action into your home.
  • Philadelphia Phillies – You can’t bring up Philadelphia without talking about the Phillies. Looking to bring more of the action to your home? See how the MLB Network provides more baseball action and coverage through Dish Network
  • Get more out of the city of Philadelphia. Call Dish Network today

    The city of Philadelphia is one of the most important communities in American history, laying the ground work for the rest of the future prosperity. Keep the spirit alive as you call it your home by ordering Dish Network today and get set with home entertainment the way that you have always imagined it.

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