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Enjoy the Best of DISH in Washington

Washington is the state located farthest North and farthest West in the contingent United States. It was named after the first president of the U.S., George Washington. Somewhat known for its evergreen forests, it has been nicknamed the “Evergreen State,” which is its slogan on the recent U.S. state coin collection.

Whether or not you’ve been to Washington, you’ve probably heard of it’s most populous city, Seattle. With 60% or Washington residents living in its metropolitan area, it’s safe to say that Seattle is the main hub of culture, business, and economy in the state. With that said, Washington produces a variety of agricultural and other products including apples, lentils, hops, red raspberries, dry edible peas, pears, spearmint and lumber.

Whether you live on the coast of Washington, deep in the states forests or in the bustling city of Seattle, now you can enjoy the best television entertainment from DISH Network.

Diverse TV Entertainment from DISH Satellite TV

With hundreds of channels available, only DISH Satellite TV provides the incredible diversity necessary to satisfy the entertainment interests of individuals in this day and age. With the most special-interest channels, sports packages, premium channels, local networks, news aggregates and so much more, you will never be bored ever again!

Additionally, DISH Network is constantly adding new features, benefits, and channels to its services, ensuring that each and every customer is getting the highest-quality treatment from DISH possible.

If you choose one of DISH Satellite Television’s extensive deals, you will be able to pick from one of six packages:

  • Smart Pack – Includes over 50 channels of non-stop family entertainment with the Hallmark Channel, the Documentary Channel and countless others. This is the perfect package for families who want quality TV entertainment at a ridiculously low price.
  • America’s Top 120 – Considered the best value for the money, this package includes 120 of the most watched channels. Stay up to date with the most popular shows, movies, and new releases with America’s Top 120!
  • America’ Top 120+ – The same as the previous package, America’s Top 120+ offers over 120 of the most popular channels along with local sports networks for your viewing pleasure.
  • America’s Top 200 – A sports lover’s dream, this package has over 200 exciting channels with the most popular sports and news networks, over 30 commercial-free music channels, public interest channels and loads more.
  • America’s Top 250 – Perfect for movie lovers and sports lover alike, this package has everything America’s Top 200 has plus the History Channel International, Discovery Kids, FOX Movie Channel and others!
  • America’s “Everything” Pak – The big kahuna! This package has absolutely everything that DISH Satellite TV has to offer including 31 commercial-free premium movie channels, over 250 top channels, over 200 channels available in High Definition, and much more.

Order DISH for Your Washington Home Today

Each and every one of these packages comes with a bundle of exciting features, so don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime! No matter where you live in Washington, now you can enjoy the country’s most extensive television in the comfort of your home. Order online today before offers run out!

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