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Dish Network

Cannon Satellite TV offers the Best Satellite TV Experience from Dish Network with endless possibilities to watch television in the comfort of your home or anywhere you have an internet connection! Thanks to the award winning Hopper technology Dish offers special deals in entertainment for you and your family at the most affordable prices. Watch your favorite shows and skip commercials with Prime Time Anytime. Discover the endless possibilities Dish offers you.

Watch live TV and all the shows you have recorded on your DVR with the Free Dish Anywhere app which allows you to access your Hopper and thousands of on demand TV shows and movies on your iPad, Android tablet or smart phone. Even if you have no internet connection Dish allows you to transfer your recorded shows to watch on your tablet or iPad while you travel or are at work. Dish truly gives you the power to take your TV anywhere.
Talk to us to learn why the Hopper with Sling is the king of DVRs and a multiple winner of consumer electronics awards from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Never run out of space again on your DVR again with a massive 2 TB Hard Drive. Record up to 16 channels at once with the new HOPPER 3. The Hopper 3 is the newest addition to the Hopper line up to have 4K support! It’s time to enjoy an assortment of On Demand movies, shows and Netflix in 4K quality.

Dish transforms your home into an incredible entertainment experience. Invite your friends over to show them how you connect seamlessly with built in WI-FI. Dish offers the first satellite receiver to offer wireless streaming, learn how the Hopper allows you to stream SiriusXM or Pandora radio on your surround sound, listen to movies, TV shows and Sports with wireless headphones while your spouse and kids sleep.

Sports fans never miss a touchdown, hit, slam dunk, or goal again. Dish offers the most college sports with the SEC Network, PAC 12 Network, Big Ten Network, and the Texas Longhorn Network. Learn about Regional Sports packages to get the most sports in your neck of the woods.

Check out the Game Finder from Dish to quickly locate any game available based on your programming package. Select your favorite teams and sports and get reminders for upcoming televised games. Dish offers the best value in sports television entertainment for the most affordable price. Call now to learn about our special deals and offers in your town.

What can DISH Network do for you?

Bring home the best in satellite TV for you and your loved ones with programming and technology from DISH Network

The time has come to make the switch to the true experience of satellite TV in your home with the service and choice that DISH Network has been delivering its customers year after year. Through DISH Network, customers are provided with hundreds of today’s best in prime time television, movies, sports, music, and so much more. Along with all of the large-scale programming, customers anywhere in America also get their local affiliate channels that bring the best and latest in what’s happening with you town or city.

Customers of DISH Network are provided with some of the most dependable satellite TV technology and equipment that drives the experience to a whole new realm.

What do DISH Network customers get as part of their package

Comprehensive TV packages that deliver more

DISH Network provides a great selection of preset channel packages that focus on bringing common tastes among all people, as well as a level of variety that even the most hardest-to-impress TV viewer can enjoy. There is a choice of six different DISH packages that you can choose from, and they all come set up with a price plan and fantastic channel selection.

DISH Network knows sports

From the action-packed content of the Multi-Sport Pack which delivers all kinds of professional sports networks, to the near-two dozen regional sports channels you can get as well, DISH Network knows a thing or two about bringing the best in sports to fans all over the country. Also check out awesome sports packages such as NHL CENTER ICE and NBA LEAGUE PASS, which will bring you more of the sports that you you love every week during the seasons.

DISH knows movies

The DISH packages that are available come with a full selection of movie channels such as ENCORE, HBO®, STARZ® and so much more. Bring yourself the true definition of premium channels that bring some of today’s most exciting movies and most talked about shows.

Bring home the best option that you can get with DISH Network

The package of your choice is only the beginning of your journey with DISH Network. Make sure to learn more about how you stand to gain all of the benefits of dependable satellite TV technology when you make your order today. Between bundling your Internet service to getting three free months of premium channels, you’ll know that you made the right choice by going with DISH Network in your area.

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