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More bad news from Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger deal

February 28th, 2014

More and more articles come out every day denouncing the Comcast and Time Warner Cable merger deal that has one third of the nation’s cable and broadband subscribers worried about the future of their TV and their internet. Read more

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Tech News: DISH introduces Virtual Joey App for personal mobile streaming

February 27th, 2014

hopper sling virtual joey app dish networkThere’s a new DISH app that when downloaded by specific electronic equipment, allows users to have a “Virtual Joey” almost wherever they are, and access content with Hopper®/ Hopper with Sling® accounts.  At January’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), DISH unveiled the Virtual Joey app that enables consumers to access Hopper content from popular LG Electronics and Sony PlayStation® devices. Read more

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Three NBA games to watch this week that affect playoff position

February 26th, 2014

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New York at Miami, 8:00PM ET, Thursday, TNT Unless there are playoffs specifically for dumpster fires, New York certainly doesn’t have any playoff positioning to worry about, but Miami does. Read more

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Why did Netflix have to pay Comcast to stop slowing their streaming speeds?

February 25th, 2014

NBC Olympics nielsen ratings TV coverage

It’s no secret that Netflix has been running much slower on Comcast’s cable networks for some time. (Well, “slower” is an understatement, as seen below.) Read more

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NBC Olympic coverage hits primetime low on Friday

February 23rd, 2014

NBC Olympics nielsen ratings TV coverage According to the Nielsen ratings aggregate site,, NBC’s Olympic coverage won the night compared to other networks, but their overall viewer pull was still down from previous nights, and down overall historically.
Read more

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Dish Network drops WWE Pay-per-View event in light of new network

February 22nd, 2014

wwe elmination chamber dish network pay-per-viewMultiple outlets reported this week that Dish Network will not offer Sunday’s WWE Elimination Chamber event as the wrestling federation prepares to move all of its PPV events to its new WWE Network.

Via a Facebook post, DishNetwork said it will not show the PPV event on Sunday, Feb. 23, claiming that the WWE “is not willing to adjust their PPV costs to satellite and cable companies, which is unfair to their customers. We need to re-focus our efforts to support partners that better serve Dish customers. Other satellite and cable companies, including DirecTv have also expressed they may no longer provide WWE PPV events in the future.” Read more

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Men’s Olympic Hockey Preview & Channel Guide: Medal Rounds

February 21st, 2014

oshie usa hockey 2014 sochi olympicsThough The Atlantic assures us this isn’t the case, USA/Canada will renew their rival Friday morning at 11:30AM Eastern Time, with the winner heading to the Gold Medal game on Sunday and coast-to-coast TV on NBC (all other hockey games have been on NBC’s Sports Network). Read more

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Sochi Winter Olympics What to Watch: Top Remaining Events

February 20th, 2014

Sochi Winter Olympics on Dish NetworkWe’re headed towards medal rounds and knockout phases of most of the competitions, and it’s time a little recap and channel guide for what’s left in these Olympic games. Most events can be streamed online at, and everything else will be either live or tape-delayed on USA Network, NBC, NBCSports Network, MSNBC and CNBC on Dish Network. Guide below: Read more

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Post All-Star Break NBA Season Preview, Storylines and Guide

February 19th, 2014

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1. Can Kevin Durant win an MVP over LeBron?
LeBron has finished #1 in ESPN’s PER ratings for seven straight years. Apart from how dominant that is, what’s even more outrageous is the player finally making a run at overtaking him is a SG/SF in Durant. “KD” is currently #1 right now, two whole points over James. Point being: Durant is the likely MVP if the season were to end right now. It’s an interesting storyline if anything because LeBron hasn’t had a true nemesis to elevate his game  — this could be it.

2. Are the Pacers for real?  Read more

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What you need to know about the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger

February 18th, 2014

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Comcast is consistently ranked as one of the worst companies in the United States, and Time Warner Cable isn’t far behind. Consumerist ranked Comcast 3rd from last just last year, and by absorbing Time Warner Cable they create even less competition, which can only make things worse. Read more

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