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Could the Netflix/Marriott deal hint at the future of tech?

June 17th, 2015

Dish Adds Netflix

It’s been announced that starting in 2016 Marriott guests will be able to sign directly into their Netflix accounts when in a MArriott hotel room or affiliate.

This is a cool perk for hotel power users, and no doubt a good marketing ploy for Marriott, but the trend could be bigger than many imagine. Read more

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T-Mobile and BlackBerry announce new partnership, no merger

May 11th, 2015


Launching on May 13 is another curious move by up-and-coming T-Mobile, which looks to not want to settle for fourth (and distant) place in the cell wars between AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. Read more

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Roku 3: The Streaming Awakens

April 17th, 2015

Roku, the company taking cord-cutting outside of maternity wards, recently announced two updates to their service – an improved search function and upgrades to two of their players.roku-388

The improvement to Roku’s search feature is a humble but efficient ability to search for programming by streaming channel name. With over 2,000 streaming channels available, this provides Roku users an easier way to locate their favorite content. “Roku Feed” is another helpful addition to Roku’s service, which allows users to follow programs and movies they want to watch. “We’re launching it with a focus on ‘Movies Coming Soon,’ ending the guessing game around when a box office hit is available for streaming, which services offer the movie or how much it costs at a given time,” said Roku CEO Anthony Wood in an April 6th blog post. Read more

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DISH and Chromecast

March 2nd, 2015

Chromecast opened up its API to third party apps in 2014, and some content providers have created apps that work with Chromecast even if the device does not have native support. Dish has built a seamless app that works natively with Chromecast for the Sling, and for those Chromecast users who might be a little adventurous, there are some alternatives as well. Read more

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DISH to accept Bitcoin

August 21st, 2014

Read more

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Wireless Joey Eliminates Wires, Increases Productivity

August 18th, 2014

DISH’s Wireless Joeyâ„¢ system is available today, giving consumers the ability to watch TV nearly anywhere in and around the home without the need for wiring. The light and convenient box connects wirelessly to the Hopper® Whole-Home HD DVR using a dedicated access point that increases speeds and keeps consumers houses clean and wire free — great for having company or to keep children and pets safe when playing. Read more

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Virtual Joey now working with PS3 and select smart TVs

June 10th, 2014

dish network joey ps3 smart tv

The Virtual Joey is now available on PS3 consoles and select LG TV’s (2013 and newer), allowing customers to watch their Hopper from their gaming console or LG TV without connecting any additional equipment. Making DISH HD even easier to get. Users can then watch live shows and sports, DVR recordings and a thousandstrong selection of On Demand titles through their console. The app can be navigated using a Dish remote. Read more

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Tech News: DISH introduces Virtual Joey App for personal mobile streaming

February 27th, 2014

hopper sling virtual joey app dish networkThere’s a new DISH app that when downloaded by specific electronic equipment, allows users to have a “Virtual Joey” almost wherever they are, and access content with Hopper®/ Hopper with Sling® accounts.  At January’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), DISH unveiled the Virtual Joey app that enables consumers to access Hopper content from popular LG Electronics and Sony PlayStation® devices. Read more

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Great times to put DISH Anywhere to use

September 11th, 2013

Dish Anywhere

If you’re already a DISH Network customer, then you might already be familiar with DISH Anywhere – an excellent feature that makes it possible to bring experience of viewing DISH more places with you. Being able to watch your favorite programming at home is one of the classic, and perhaps the preferred way to take in DISH, but life of the modern day person is certainly getting busier and busier.

As a result, times being spent at home could very well be dwindling when there is travel to be done here, or having a business meeting there. One of the things that might be on your mind while you’re out in an unfamiliar city out of your state is:

Why do I have to miss my favorite show?

Well if you’re a DISH Network customer, missing your shows could very well become a thing of the past when you order the right equipment. Through devices such as the DISH Hopper with Sling® Technology, or the DuoDVR® ViP 722k, you’ll be able to enact the power of the Sling® Adapter to select receivers to watch DISH Anywhere.

What else do you need for DISH Anywhere?

As long as you have a trusty broadband connection in your home, such as dishNET, you’ll be able to power up the Sling® Adapter, which acts as a sort of pathway between your home TV and your mobile devices. When connected, your personal mobile device like your smartphone (select devices) or your laptop becomes a new entertainment center.

When do you put DISH Anywhere to work?

This is all up to you? When you’re out and about, when do you think the best times to fire up DISH Anywhere would be?

In the waiting room

Is your appointment taking longer than expected? Not a problem. With the DISH Anywhere App in place, you’ll be able to watch all kinds of live TV programming, recorded programming from your HD DVR, or even select On Demand programming as well. Make your waiting time seem to go a bit more quicker when you are wrapped up in a suspenseful drama, or a comedy (just try not to distract other people in the room – you might make them jealous).

Fight the delayed flight

Time never seems to go slower when dealing with an airline. Just when you think the time has come to board, a delay happens out of nowhere. This can be pretty frustrating, but DISH Anywhere can make things go so much better. Just relax, power up your tablet or smartphone, and let the time pass with the best programming that DISH Network has to offer.

Passing the time at the cafe

Forgot to bring your book? Need to take a break from outside work and studying? Bring DISH Anywhere to the coffeeshop on a Saturday or on a weeknight evening and relax a little bit over a latte (or whichever your coffee/tea weapon of choice might be).

How do you use DISH Anywhere? Let Cannon Satellite TV know!


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When and Where To Use the DISH Tailgater

September 4th, 2013


The Tailgater® from DISH Network is a piece of equipment like no other. It’s one thing to get the enjoyment that you do out of watching your favorite shows, games and more at your home, but what if you could bring the power of DISH Network anywhere with you that you went, with television and all? That is what the Tailgater® does. It’s a mini portable satellite antenna that allows you to bring the big screen anywhere with you.

With that in mind, you want to ask yourself: “when is really the right time to bring the Tailgater®  into play? It might be more common than you think.

1. While Tailgating…of course!

As the name suggests, the Tailgater®  is meant for tailgating. Right now is the the time to bring the Tailgater® into action as the football season fires up. It was only last Saturday that college football season got its start, and with the NFL regular season getting underway, you’ll have the chance to see what the Tailgater®  is all about. 

So why would anyone bring the Tailgater®  to a game when there is one happening already? Well, as you and your friends are waiting to enter the stadium, there’s a good chance that another game is being covered or is already on. Through DISH Network, there are all kinds of sports channels available in your lineup, including ESPN channels, beIN sport, Fox Sports and so much more. Keep the charge going with a range of all kinds of games happening. You might even make a few new friends along the way.

2. Bring it Camping

Campgrounds all over the country bring a wealth of activities for you and your friends/family to get involved in. From the morning hikes, to kayaking, fishing and more, you might find that you need to catch a break. Return to your campsite and see what’s on the TV while still being outside.

You don’t need to retreat into your RV to watch DISH TV. The Tailgater®  can fit right in the back of your pickup truck, or even a modern station wagon. Catch some wind and grill up some burgers and hang back with DISH .

3. Hosting your outdoor party

Autumn might be just about here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fit a nice backyard get together still. With the power of your TV and the Tailgater® , you’ll be able to provide easy entertainment to everyone that you have invited. Maybe it is similar to that of the tailgating scenario, but one way or another, you’re still bring a level of entertainment that only DISH can provide, and everyone is still getting the fresh air and Sun to keep the mood positive.

How do you use the Tailgater®? Tell Cannon Satellite TV to share your ideas with the rest of the Cannon community.

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