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Great Music Offerings from Sirius XM, Pandora and Palladia

February 27th, 2013

SiriusXM brings you 70+ channels of commercial-free music from every genre, live performances, exclusive interviews, artist-dedicated channels and much more. Welcome to the world of satellite radio.

SiriusXM has more of what you love, from pop to country and everything in-between. SirisuXM plays it all. Get 24/7 artist-dedicated channels, including E Street Radio, Eminem’s Shade 45, Willie’s Roadhouse, Siriusly Sinatra, Radio Margaritaville and more. With DISH Anywhere technology, you can take SiriusXM on the go and listen on your tablet, laptop, smartphone, and other internet connected devices.

Want to take full advantage of your impressive home theater speaker setup? You can listen to Sirius XM in full surround sound. Bring your favorite music and artists into your living room, it’s like having a private performance just for you!

As well as the impressive offerings of Sirius XM, you can also get your own personalized stations from Pandora with the app on the Hopper! Pandora on the Hopper allows you to easily search for your favorite artists or songs and create personalized radio stations that play only the music you love from the comfort of your home. Simply login to the Pandora App on your Hopper using your existing Pandora account, or create a new Pandora account, to stream personalized radio stations through your TV.

With Blockbuster @Home you can check out Palladia HD, your all-access pass to the hottest music programming ever seen – and heard – on television. Palladia scours the globe for concert performances and highlights from marquee music festivals such as V Fest, and Queen: Rock Montreal. Featuring a mix of festivals, concert performances and music-based movies, Palladia HD is a music television experience so vivid you’d swear your were there.

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February 25th, 2013

What do you need to view DISH’s 3D content?

3D Television

3D on DISH works with modern 3D HDTVs. Some older 3D TVs may require additional hardware in order to view today’s 3D content, so be sure to ask the TV manufacturer.

3D Glasses

Depending on the 3D HDTV manufacturer, the glasses may have to be purchased separately from the TV. Consider purchasing more than one pair so that everyone in your home can enjoy the 3D experience.

3D Cables

High-speed HDMI cables (10.2 Gbps or higher) work just fine with the HDMI 3D pass-through technology found in 3D-capable HDTVs and Blu-ray players.


The ViP 922 HD DVR and Hopper whole-home HD DVR can both play 3D content.

That’s all you need to enjoy immersive and fascinating 3D content with DISH! Check out this page to see all of the great 3D titles currently playing on DISH!

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DISH’s Korean Tiger Pack

February 22nd, 2013

The Tiger Pack is a comprehensive entertainment package offering news and current events, religious channels, children’s programming, documentaries and travelogues, the latest movies, music and games and now, 24-hour golf coverage with the Golf Channel.

Arirang Television showcases entertaining and informative programs for viewers of every age and background. Programming includes Korea’s latest box office releases, news, sitcoms, dramas, quiz shows, financial updates, music, documentaries and current affairs programs.

Channel 9981

BTN is a 24-hour Korean-language Buddhist channel. BTN’s programming includes Buddhist news, Dharma talks and teachings from Buddhist Masters, documentaries, world temple tour, vegetarian cooking and temple cuisine, the 108 prostrations of Great Repentance, Zen meditation and yoga practices, and much more from Korea!

Channel 9982

The Golf Channel is the world’s first 24-hour network devoted entirely to golf programming. The programming schedule includes an exclusive blend of PGA TOUR, Senior PGA TOUR, NIKE TOUR, LPGA, European PGA Tour competition, and much more!

Channel 401

JSTV is the #1 rated 24-hour-a-day Korean-language Christian channel in North America. JSTV’s programming includes Christian related news, business, music, bible studies, gospels, worship services and much more.

Channel 9983

KBS World is a general entertainment channel which is the oldest and most popular broadcasting station in Korea. Programming includes the most watched news, sitcoms, dramas, documentaries and current affair programs.

Channel 9980

One World Sports is a professional and championship programming from Asia and around the globe. One World Sports showcases soccer from the Japanese J-League, Korean K-League, China Super League and the AFC Champions League. The network has full coverage of the One Asia golf tour, ITTF table tennis, Badminton World Series, and more.

Channel 9794

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DISH Superior Customer Service

February 20th, 2013

In this day and age it can be hard to find customer service that’s actually there to serve the customers. You want a company that allows you to talk to a person when you need to talk to them, not only during very specific hours and for only certain things. You want a company that cares about their customers and puts their satisfaction first. A company that will help you resolve your technical issues and answer questions about your bill, when ever those issues and questions may arise.

DISH Network is one of the only television providers that offer 24/7 customer and technical support. Whenever you need us, we’re here to take your call and help you. DIRECTV, AT&T U-verse and Verizon FiOS don’t offer that. If you don’t want to talk on the phone, you can also chat with customer support representatives online and even look at DISH’s extensive self help pages to find your answer.

According to the 2012 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), DISH beats DIRECTV and the nation’s largest cable providers in Customer Satisfaction, Value and Customer Loyalty. DISH offers the best customer service for the best products in the industry.

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DISH Hopper with Sling

February 18th, 2013

What could be better than the most technologically advanced whole-home HD DVR on the market? How about being able to watch that whole-home HD DVR anywhere and anytime? With the DISH Hopper with Sling you can take your live programming and DVR recordings with you anywhere. With DISH Anywhere technology you can watch your favorite TV shows and catch up on your DVR queue from any internet connected device. With the Sling you can also download DVR recordings to your iPad to watch later, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Stuck in the airport on a layover? You can still catch your favorite TV show on your tablet with the Hopper with Sling. The TV in your hotel room not offering the best selection? Pull up DISH Anywhere on your laptop and you can access your live DISH programming and DVR recordings! Headed out on a long road trip? Download your DVR recordings to your iPad and you’ll be set.

The Hopper with Sling offers the amazing features and qualities of the ground breaking Hopper whole-home HD DVR receiver, and keeps it all at your fingertips even when you’re away from home!

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Save up to $500 a Year By Referring Friends!

February 15th, 2013

You can save up to $500 a year on your DISH bill just by referring your friends, family, and even favorite businesses to DISH Network! When someone you referred signs up for DISH you both get $50 – they get a $50 credit off their first bill and you save $5/month for 10 months, up to $50 off a month! As a bonus you can also get five (5) free Pay-Per-View credits on your first referral!

Do you know anyone who’s ready to leave boring and unreliable cable service behind? Got a friend who always complains about the sub par customer service they’re getting from their TV provider? Let them know how great it is to be a DISH customer! Free HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz for three months when you sign up! Blockbuster @Home free for three months! HD free for the life of your account! Free professional installation! Not to mention the award-winning and technologically ground breaking Hopper whole-home HD DVR receiver!

There are so many great reasons to make the switch to DISH, let your friends and family know! With the greatest value and best technology, why would you ever pay more for television?

Call 1-800-935-3509 today to sign up and refer your friends for great deals!

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Bundle Your DISH TV and Internet and Save!

February 13th, 2013

DISH Net high speed satellite internet is here to offer you the best in broadband internet, no matter where you live. It’s hard to find reliable, high-speed internet when you live in a rural area, but with DISH Net you don’t have to choose between very slow or very expensive.

With three different packages it’s easy to find something to suit your lifestyle and your budget. Also, if you bundle your internet services with your existing DISH Network satellite television services you can save up to $10 month!




Bundled price. Regular price $49.99/mo Bundled price. Regular price $59.99/mo Bundled price. Regular price $79.99/mo
5gb of anytime data
5gb of bonus data
Download speeds up to 5mbps
5gb of anytime data
5gb of bonus data
Download speeds up to 5mbps
Best Deal!
Double the speed and data for only $10 more a month!
15gb of anytime data
15gb of bonus data
Download speeds up to 5mbps

Interested in DISH Net? It’s easy to get started! You can use the look up tool to enter your zip code and find the packages and services available in your area! Or you can check out the package selector on this page to find the absolute perfect package for your family and use! Use the sliders to find out how much data you’ll be needing.

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External Hard Drive FAQs

February 11th, 2013

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback on our post about connecting an external hard drive to your DISH Network receiver. We’ve seen some great questions brought up in the comments and thought it’d be great to share them with everyone.

External Hard Drive FAQs

Do I need to leave my external hard drive powered on all the time when connected to my Dish DVR, or can I power it on only when I want to use it?
It does not need to be powered on at all times; however, it can take a few minutes to load the contents when it is first turned on.

I currently have a 622 receiver with an external hard drive. Would I be able to move the external hard drive to a 922 and not lose my recordings?
As long as both receivers are activated to the same account.

I’ve connected my external hard drive, but my receiver is giving me error message 860: “There is no multimedia device connected to the USB port”.
If you’ve had your external hard drive connected before the error message appeared, trying shutting the EHD down, unplugging, then performing a hard reset on your receiver. Once your receiver has powered on again, turn your hard drive back on and once fully on connect to the USB port again. If it’s still not being recognized it’s best to call DISH Tech Support at 800-333-3474 to troubleshoot your receiver.

If you are seeing this error message after the first time you connect your external hard drive, be sure to review the criteria and ensure your external hard drive meets them.

I’ve formatted and installed the software to use my external hard drive with my DISH receiver, but now I’d like to reformat it and use it with my computer.
Plugging the EHD into your computer should prompt for the EHD to be reformatted. If this isn’t happening it’s best to contact your EHD manufacturer for directions on how to format the EHD another way.

The USB port on the back of my 722 is reporting USB failure, and when I plug my external hard drive into the USB port on the front it’s not recognized. What can I do to recover my recordings?
To help with USB failure it’s best to call DISH Tech Support at 800-333-3474 to troubleshoot the issue. If they cannot resolve the USB issues so you can continue to use your external hard drive they will most likely replace your receiver. In that event you will be able to use your EHD with your new receiver. Just be sure not to try to connect the EHD to any other devices, such as your computer, as this will prompt a reformat.

Why does the external hard drive have to have its own power supply?
The EHD must have its own power supply because the USB ports on the DISH Network receivers do not provide power which is necessary for an EHD to read and write.

If you have any more questions about external hard drives and their use with DISH Network receivers, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll answer as soon as possible!

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Return of ‘The Walking Dead’

February 8th, 2013

The Walking Dead‘s midseason cliffhanger had many fans frustrated and hungry for more. Well the wait is over and one of AMC’s most popular shows is returning on Sunday with an all new showrunner. Now in its third season Walking Dead is also now moving onto its third showrunner. Originally created for TV (and based on the graphic novels of the same name) by Frank Darabont, Darabont was showrunner until 2011 when Glen Mazzara took over. Mazzara stepped down earlier in the year due to creative differences with AMC and now Scott M. Gimple will be taking up the position starting in season four.

When last we saw the gang the group’s numbers had seriously dwindled and Rick’s leadership was waivering. Now facing their greatest foe yet, the Governor played by British actor David Morrissey, Rick must pull himself and the group back together if they are going to survive. And how will Daryl and Merle fare against the Governor and Woodbury’s wrath? Will his rage open Andrea’s eyes?

The Walking Dead will be airing on AMC at 9/8c this Sunday, February 10th. Will you be watching?

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beIN Sport 2 Launches on DISH Network Today!

February 6th, 2013

Joining beIN Sport is the launch of the additional channel beIN Sport 2. beIN Sport airs global soccer, rugby, handball and tennis matches and championships. From Ligue 1 in France the Champion’s Cup to the Super League and the Australian National Rugby League, beIN Sport and beIN Sport 2 offer amazing international coverage for all of the games you want to see.

If you love international sports, especially soccer, beIN Sports and beIN Sports 2 are channels you can’t go without!

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