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Five Comedies Coming in October

September 23rd, 2013

The excitement is continuing to build as the 2013-2014 TV season unveils old favorites and new shows week by week with the kickoff of Fall 2013. Dramas and comedies pretty much form the basis of new shows every year, and this season is looking to stay within that line. Everyone has enough drama in their life to deal with, so we at Cannon thought we would outline a set of new comedies that are set to premier in October (which may be arriving sooner than you think).

Image courtesy of ABC

Super Fun Night (ABC, Oct. 2)

Rebel Wilson, who gained big fame after big hits like Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect is back with a new show written by and starring her titled Super Fun Night. The premise sounds simple enough: A bunch of women reserve every Friday night for a mix of rowdy fun and possible trouble. Everything goes smoothly until the lead character played by Wilson decides to invite an attorney along for the ride, potentially compromising the integrity of the famed Friday night.

Image courtesy of NBC

Welcome to the Family (NBC, Oct. 3)

Mike O’Malley, that guy that you see in all kinds of commercials and shows everywhere is back in another show from NBC titled Welcome to the Family. The show sounds to be a comedic Romeo and Juliet story that has been simmered down for the primetime crowd. Two children of differing families begin to date – one Latino, the other Caucasian – and eventually decide to marry after pregnancy ensues. The result is a pushed cohesion of the two families, and all of the shenanigans ensue.

Image courtesy of NBC

Sean Saves the World (NBC, Oct. 3)

Already immortalized from Will and Grace fame, Sean Hayes is taking back the screen this season with Sean Saves the World sounds to be a classic family balance story, caught up with the modern times. With other shows like Modern Family tackling and bringing issues of LGBT parents and families to the main screen, Sean Saves the World looks to be continuing the momentum.

Hayes plays Sean, successful at his job and recently divorced. His daughter comes into his life, and accepts his role and responsibility as a father. Demands from work pile high, and we witness Sean take on the responsibilities of single fatherhood and professional. Sounds to carry the safe comedy formula that other primetime networks have caught onto, but Hayes is likely to give a great performance.

Image courtesy of NBC

The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC)

Michael J. Fox has proven over and over again that Parkinson’s Disease doesn’t have to mean the end of the road. He has appeared in various shows and films since revealing his disease more than a decade ago (though he has had it since 1991), and now he is back in his own premier show on NBC. He plays Mike Henry, a popular news anchor who is forced to leave his position after getting Parkinson’s. After a few years out of the loop, he decides to get back in to the game, with the trials and tribulations you might expect.

Image courtesy of CBS

The Millers (CBS)

Loaded with plenty of familiar faces, The Millers is another family-based (but probably not appropriate) series staring Will Arnett, Beau Bridges and Margo Martindale (with others). One divorce follows another divorce all within the same family, and complications arise from all four corners. 


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NFL Week 3

September 19th, 2013


Wondering who to catch this week for some NFL action? Some serious match ups across both conferences are in the running. Remember that with NFL Network and NFL RedZone on DISH Network, you’ll be able to catch more coverage and games along with your local CBS and FOX provider. Bring the excitement home to you and your friends who can’t get enough NFL action.



Kansas City Chiefs AT Philadelphia Eagles – 8:25PM EST

SUNDAY, 9-22:


Houston Texas AT Baltimore Ravens

New York Giants AT Carolina Panthers

St. Louis Rams AT Dallas Cowboys

Tampa Bay Buccaneers AT New Englands Patriots

San Diego Chargers AT Tennessee Titans

Cleveland Browns AT Minnesota Vikings

Green Bay Packers AT Cincinnati Bengals

Detroit Lions AT Washington Redskins

Arizona Cardinals AT New Orleans Saints

4:05 PM

Atlanta Falcons AT Miami Dolphins

4:25 PM

Buffalo Bills AT New York Jets

Indianapolis Colts AT San Francisco 49ers

Jacksonville Jaguars AT Seattle Seahawks


Chicago Bears AT Pittsburgh Steelers

MONDAY, September 23

Oakland Raiders AT Denver Broncos (8:40PM) ET

Remember that the NFL Network and NFL RedZone is available with the DISH Network Multi-Sport Pack, as well as on an individual basis as well. Don’t miss anymore NFL action happening. Make DISH your go-to source for all things NFL coverage, games, and more.

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FXX, a new channel, on DISH Network

September 17th, 2013


If you’re familiar with FX, the popular channel that is full of original shows – many of which raise eyebrows for their cutting edge content – there’s a new member of the family. With FXX, viewers will already be familiarized with many of the shows available on the channel, since they have transitions from the original FX. Some of these channels include It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, and Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.

FXX will also feature a great number of syndicated programs such as the NBC classic Freaks and Geeks, as well as other familiar favorites like Arrested Development, Parks & Recreation, and How I Met Your Mother. There will plenty of other syndicated shows available on FXX as well, including both classics and recently popular shows that were (and in some cases still are) available on primetime.

FXX has been running since the beginning of September, and is available to customers of DISH Network. To find out more about how you can get it, call to learn today.


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Great times to put DISH Anywhere to use

September 11th, 2013

Dish Anywhere

If you’re already a DISH Network customer, then you might already be familiar with DISH Anywhere – an excellent feature that makes it possible to bring experience of viewing DISH more places with you. Being able to watch your favorite programming at home is one of the classic, and perhaps the preferred way to take in DISH, but life of the modern day person is certainly getting busier and busier.

As a result, times being spent at home could very well be dwindling when there is travel to be done here, or having a business meeting there. One of the things that might be on your mind while you’re out in an unfamiliar city out of your state is:

Why do I have to miss my favorite show?

Well if you’re a DISH Network customer, missing your shows could very well become a thing of the past when you order the right equipment. Through devices such as the DISH Hopper with Sling® Technology, or the DuoDVR® ViP 722k, you’ll be able to enact the power of the Sling® Adapter to select receivers to watch DISH Anywhere.

What else do you need for DISH Anywhere?

As long as you have a trusty broadband connection in your home, such as dishNET, you’ll be able to power up the Sling® Adapter, which acts as a sort of pathway between your home TV and your mobile devices. When connected, your personal mobile device like your smartphone (select devices) or your laptop becomes a new entertainment center.

When do you put DISH Anywhere to work?

This is all up to you? When you’re out and about, when do you think the best times to fire up DISH Anywhere would be?

In the waiting room

Is your appointment taking longer than expected? Not a problem. With the DISH Anywhere App in place, you’ll be able to watch all kinds of live TV programming, recorded programming from your HD DVR, or even select On Demand programming as well. Make your waiting time seem to go a bit more quicker when you are wrapped up in a suspenseful drama, or a comedy (just try not to distract other people in the room – you might make them jealous).

Fight the delayed flight

Time never seems to go slower when dealing with an airline. Just when you think the time has come to board, a delay happens out of nowhere. This can be pretty frustrating, but DISH Anywhere can make things go so much better. Just relax, power up your tablet or smartphone, and let the time pass with the best programming that DISH Network has to offer.

Passing the time at the cafe

Forgot to bring your book? Need to take a break from outside work and studying? Bring DISH Anywhere to the coffeeshop on a Saturday or on a weeknight evening and relax a little bit over a latte (or whichever your coffee/tea weapon of choice might be).

How do you use DISH Anywhere? Let Cannon Satellite TV know!


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Ways to watch football for the 2013-2014 season on DISH

September 9th, 2013

Football on DISH

You can probably already feel it in the air. When the leaves are starting to change on the trees, and the nights getting suddenly cooler, people all across America start getting many reasons to be excited

It’s Football Season

There looks to be quite the unusual level of excitement this year as both the NFL and NCAA conferences fire off their regular season games. Every Saturday and Sunday acts a hub of all things celebration of this American sport, with a fan base that looks to get only bigger and bigger as the years go by.

When you find that you can’t make it to the day-long tailgate at the stadium or the local watering hole for the game of the week, remember that DISH Network can bring you serious football action when you need it the most. DISH Network’s way of bringing you games can also take you beyond your living room.

What channels can you watch the 2013 seasons of football on DISH?

Anyone who knows the magnitude of football in America knows how it seems to be all over the place on the TV and Internet, and yet, we can never seem to get enough of it. This is more than okay if you’re a subscriber of DISH Network, since you’ll get all kinds of channels that bring serious NFL and collegiate action.


See the series of ESPN channels on DISH can bring you all kinds of NFL coverage and action. With a package like America’s Top 250 package, you’ll get ESPNU, the ESPN channel that is devoted entirely to the world of college sports. Also look for ESPN 2, ESPNEWS and more.

NFL Network

Wish there was a channel that brought you NFL coverage in both the on and off season? NFL Network is that channel, and it is available on DISH Network. Catch games you may not get on your affiliate stations that show games, plus in-depth coverage of everything happening around the league.

NFL RedZone

Want to keep track of all the touchdowns happening every Sunday? NFL RedZone is the channel to bring you plays happening within the 20-yard line as they are happening during the game.

Take the NFL and NCAA Anywhere with you through DISH

Not at home during the weekend? Maybe you’re on a business trip or fulfilling the the promise to your kids that you would take them somewhere. Even if you’re not in your living room, it doesn’t mean that you can’t watch the same through other ways. With DISH Anywhere, you could watch your long-awaited game right on your laptop (where an Internet connection is available). With the Sling® Adapter in place and connected on your DVR or select receivers, you can bring the experience of the NFL on DISH with you where you are.

Don’t feel limited with just watching the game at home when you know it isn’t possible. Bring the best of the NFL and NCAA with you everywhere that you go with DISH.


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When and Where To Use the DISH Tailgater

September 4th, 2013


The Tailgater® from DISH Network is a piece of equipment like no other. It’s one thing to get the enjoyment that you do out of watching your favorite shows, games and more at your home, but what if you could bring the power of DISH Network anywhere with you that you went, with television and all? That is what the Tailgater® does. It’s a mini portable satellite antenna that allows you to bring the big screen anywhere with you.

With that in mind, you want to ask yourself: “when is really the right time to bring the Tailgater®  into play? It might be more common than you think.

1. While Tailgating…of course!

As the name suggests, the Tailgater®  is meant for tailgating. Right now is the the time to bring the Tailgater® into action as the football season fires up. It was only last Saturday that college football season got its start, and with the NFL regular season getting underway, you’ll have the chance to see what the Tailgater®  is all about. 

So why would anyone bring the Tailgater®  to a game when there is one happening already? Well, as you and your friends are waiting to enter the stadium, there’s a good chance that another game is being covered or is already on. Through DISH Network, there are all kinds of sports channels available in your lineup, including ESPN channels, beIN sport, Fox Sports and so much more. Keep the charge going with a range of all kinds of games happening. You might even make a few new friends along the way.

2. Bring it Camping

Campgrounds all over the country bring a wealth of activities for you and your friends/family to get involved in. From the morning hikes, to kayaking, fishing and more, you might find that you need to catch a break. Return to your campsite and see what’s on the TV while still being outside.

You don’t need to retreat into your RV to watch DISH TV. The Tailgater®  can fit right in the back of your pickup truck, or even a modern station wagon. Catch some wind and grill up some burgers and hang back with DISH .

3. Hosting your outdoor party

Autumn might be just about here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fit a nice backyard get together still. With the power of your TV and the Tailgater® , you’ll be able to provide easy entertainment to everyone that you have invited. Maybe it is similar to that of the tailgating scenario, but one way or another, you’re still bring a level of entertainment that only DISH can provide, and everyone is still getting the fresh air and Sun to keep the mood positive.

How do you use the Tailgater®? Tell Cannon Satellite TV to share your ideas with the rest of the Cannon community.

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Don’t Miss a Touchdown This Season!

September 1st, 2013

The NFL season kicks off Thursday night with the Baltimore Ravens meeting the Denver Broncos at the Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado! Are you ready for this season? With the NFL Redzone you don’t have to miss a single touchdown! Showing live coverage of every game every Sunday. As soon as a team crosses the 20-yard-line, and other important moments in every game, NFL Redzone shows you the action you can’t miss. Catch all of the intense action and most important plays in every game, every Sunday!

Need to keep up with the stats to stay on top in your fantasy football league? NFL Redzone has what you need! More than just live-game action, host, NFL Network’s Scott Hanson, also delivers the most recent fantasy stats and highlight reels. Everything you need to dominate your league this season.

Call 1-800-935-3509 to get DISH with NFL Redzone!

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