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Watch the ICC Cricket World Cup on ESPN in Feb-March

February 16th, 2015


It’s not the world cup you’re used to, but Cricket is certainly huge worldwide, and has been making it to America through British and Indian immigration more and more in recent years.

Hosted by ESPN, the ICC — International Cricket Council — will be hosting the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup from February 13 through March 28th, and over one billion watches world wide are expected to tune in. That’s a number not much smaller than the FIFA World Cup, the ICC’s more famous brother.

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If you’re an ardent supporter of the India or Pakistan cricket team, chances are you were unreachable during the hours of the much-anticipated match between the two arch-rivals.

One billion people are expected to have tuned in to the one-day Group B match of the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup held in Adelaide, Australia.

In fact, it’s tipped to be the most watched in the history of the game. And India are the reigning champions, having defeated their neighbor five times since they first came head to head in 1992 — now making it a sixth.

Aside from the customary bowl of Lay’s chips and a bottle of ice-cold Limca or Kingfisher beer, fans were also armed with their cell phones, as they took to Twitter to express their delights and disappointments. And it’s not just the people in India or Pakistan that took part.


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