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ESPN and Dish Network come to landmark agreement for SEC Network

April 3rd, 2014

sec network dish disney espn channelDish Network has made a groundbreaking contractual agreement with Disney and ESPN to provide the new SEC Network this coming fall, launching August 14th, 2014. The deal is a part of the larger and much more extensive (reported on earlier this year by Cannon Satellite) deal that has set Dish Network and Disney apart as the leaders in over-the-top subscriptions and 2.0 TV. Dish will become the first provider to host the network.

The move is especially noteworthy because AT&T is the only other provider which might carry it currently, and AT&T does not have a large customer base — which Dish Network does, making the contract that much more significant. Monsters in the cable industry (interpret the use of “monsters” there as you see fit) have not been able to set up an agreement with Disney, and it doesn’t look like it will happen any time soon. As consumers have seen in recent months with the Comcast and TWC merger, those companies don’t seem particularly interested in developing new technologies for their customers.

But Dish is. The SEC network will be home the the most dominant football conference (along with other sports), and will showcase many games on the SEC schedule this coming year. Specifically, the channel will be available in Dish’s America’s Top 120+ and higher packages across the nation. Dish subscribers will also have authenticated access to additional live events scheduled for the SEC Network’s digital platform, with the ability to watch SEC Network content anytime, anywhere on their television, computer, tablet or mobile device.

The SEC Digital Network reported:

“Few fan bases rival the passion and loyalty of the SEC, and DISH is proud to be the first nationwide television provider of the SEC Network,” said Dave Shull, DISH executive vice president and chief commercial officer. “We strive to give our customers and consumers what they want, and there’s no better place for the college sports fan than with DISH.”

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