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Getting familiar with HD from DISH Network

October 22nd, 2013


High definition television used to be something that was seen as a luxury as technology continued to develop. More HD TVs sat on the shelves of stores as passers-by simple looked at the sample images in complete jealousy and shock and the high prices back then. This isn’t quite the case anymore as HD viewing at home has become more of a regular feature than something you come across once in a while at the store or at a family/friend’s house.

One of the best ways that you can experience high definition in your own home is through DISH Network. Between the hundreds of channels available in high definition, as well as all of the movies that you can watch in HD, DISH Network knows how to deliver the right picture that you come to expect.

Get a picture in 1080p

You probably always hear people on the Internet talk about what kind of picture quality a certain TV or live video stream is being shown in. 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p are common identifiers, but what does it all mean? Those who understand HD technology should shake their head in satisfaction when they learn that DISH Network has the ability to show their picture in 1080p – one of the best qualities around.

So how does high definition work?

When you hear that DISH Network can show a picture in 1080p, it might sound like something that is extremely high-tech, but it’s actually pretty simple. The tenets of HD are based off three feautres:

  1. Lines in vertical display resolution
  2. Scanning system
  3. Frames per second (fps)

The 1080 in “1080p” means that there are 1080 lines of vertical resolution, and the “p” means “progressive scan”. The scanning system is simply the way that lines are drawn with each frame change in the picture. With 1080p, you’re getting one of the the most advanced pictures available to the public. There are even more clearer pictures available, but rarely will you find them available on a residential basis.

The best for your home is with DISH Network

There’s no reason to be jealous of your friends and family who have an HD picture in their home when you make DISH Network your choice. All you need to experience HD from DISH is a TV that is capable of showing the max resolution, as well as a DISH HD receiver. When you call today, you can learn more about how you can bring the best picture around into all rooms of your home.

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