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Roku 3: The Streaming Awakens

April 17th, 2015

Roku, the company taking cord-cutting outside of maternity wards, recently announced two updates to their service – an improved search function and upgrades to two of their players.roku-388

The improvement to Roku’s search feature is a humble but efficient ability to search for programming by streaming channel name. With over 2,000 streaming channels available, this provides Roku users an easier way to locate their favorite content. “Roku Feed” is another helpful addition to Roku’s service, which allows users to follow programs and movies they want to watch. “We’re launching it with a focus on ‘Movies Coming Soon,’ ending the guessing game around when a box office hit is available for streaming, which services offer the movie or how much it costs at a given time,” said Roku CEO Anthony Wood in an April 6th blog post.

Upgrades to the Roku streaming devices are a mix of fun and helpful. The Roku 3 ($99.99 list price) now allows voice search, giving Siri a run for her money. Along with a headphone jack for privacy – or not keeping anyone else awake while you binge watch “House of Cards” – and motion control for gaming, Roku 3 lives up to being Roku’s top streaming device.

Though not as flashy, the Roku 2 has been improved to match the speed and functionality of Roku 3. If you can live without talking to your Roku and not having motion control to play games, the $69.99 model might be the Roku you’re looking for.

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