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BCS National Title Game on Dish Network, Preview and Info Guide

January 6th, 2014


Auburn (SEC Champs, 11-1) vs. Florida State (ACC Champs, 12-0)
Kickoff: 8:30PM ET, on Dish Network Channels ABC nationally
Info: Auburn Tigers (+10) vs FSU Seminoles (+/- 68)

College Football’s finale is this evening and there are plenty of story lines to go around. First, the ACC will play for their first national title since FSU lost to Oklahoma in the 2000 BCS Championship. Second, the contest also marks the final BCS title game before a playoff is started next season. And third, the SEC will be under pressure to keep their streak of seven national titles alive, as the Seminoles are a heavy favorite to break that run.

Auburn has made it to the title game on what many would say are two “miracle” plays — a tipped Hail Mary pass against Georgia and a last second missed field goal returned against Alabama. The Tigers aren’t the most dominant team by any means, but their rushing attack between the tackles is downright scary.

By contrast, FSU has annihilated everyone they’ve played this season, literally. They’ve been so dominant that pundits worry what will happen if they find themselves in a close game against the Tigers. But with Heisman winning QB Jameis Winston at the helm, the ‘Noles are favored by double digits for a reason.

Expect points to be scored, but not many. Auburn is going to have to get creative, since FSU starts multiple draft picks on the defensive line. In other words, the Tigers can’t simply run the ball up the middle all night. And FSU will look to dominate in all facets of the game like they have all season. The Seminoles have no weaknesses, and it’s going to take some good fortune (i.e. turnovers) for Auburn to make this one close.

Find the game at 8:30PM on ABC channels on Dish Network this evening.

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