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DISH Serves an International Audience

April 6th, 2012

Dish Network provides as much variety as you could want. Not only with their products and programming, but in other ways, too. One way they stand out is by providing the largest selection of Latin programming in the country.

You can select the DishLatino Bonus Pack in addition to your basic programming. Get 38 Latin channels, including ESPN Deportes and Azteca America. You can also request Cinelatino, which allows you to watch Spanish movies produced in Latin America and Spain.

For packages in other languages, Dish Network offers over 200 channels in 28 different languages. You are given three options for international packages. The first choice is Core, which allows you to add a package to your current one. International Basic includes 20 channels when you only want the international package, plus you can add other programming. Chinese Basic is the choice for people who want Eastern Asian programming and you can add other programming packages to it.

You can choose international programs from 6 countries, along with a pakage especially for Cricket. Within each country, you can select the language you want. This will show what channels are available in that language. Some languages have multiple packages that you can either purchase together or select one.

If you have questions, you can contact Dish Network’s excellent customer service. You can either order online or call for your satellite setup. With all of the choices in international packages, it may be easier to speak to a live person. You can also chat online with one of their agents at any time of the day or night to help you understand your choices.

You can also email your questions through the contact page. If you prefer to speak in Spanish, you can chat online with a Spanish speaking representative. Dish Network makes it easy to get your questions answered. It is convenient for you no matter your language or time zone to get help with questions on programming, your account, or technical issues.

Dish Network serves a wide audience and they know one size doesn’t fit all. That is why they strive to customize everything for their customers.

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