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Enjoy TV Everywhere with Dish Network

April 18th, 2012

Have you ever been at a boring meeting or event and wished you could be at home watching your favorite TV show? Well, now you can enjoy your shows during the meeting or event with TV Everywhere from Dish Network.

TV Everywhere uses a sling adapter to connect your television and DVR to high-speed internet service. You download an app to your mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet and you can watch TV from anywhere. Not only can you watch live TV from your mobile device, but you can watch shows that you have recorded on your DVR.


You can watch certain On Demand content with TV Everywhere. You can search for shows from the TV guide and manage your DVR. You’ll never miss another show again because you forgot to set the DVR at home. You can now set it to record from anywhere.

Dish Online

You can watch TV or set up recordings from your computer. You can delete recordings or resolve priority conflicts on your computer and do anything else that you would do with the remote on your television.

Set Up

It is easy to set up your TV Everywhere. You need a high speed internet connection and a router to connect to the internet. You will set up your DVR or Hopper to the internet and then hook up the Sling Adapter to the DVR. After you download the remote app, you can begin watching your favorite shows.

For Dish Online, you will need Windows XP or newer OS, a Pentium 4 or higher processor, Internet Explorer 8, and 256 MB of RAM. If you have questions about whether your system can handle the remote viewing capabilities, you can use the test on the Dish Network website.

Dish Network stays competitive in today’s market by integrating the latest technology in their products. TV Everywhere is designed for people on the go who want the convenience of having their favorite TV shows at their fingertips.

Dish Network makes their products affordable by offering only the number of channels and type of products that a person wants. For top of the line products, trust Dish Network.

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