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Introducing DISH Business Complete and DISH Business Complete Plus Sports!

April 5th, 2013

In the last two years DISH has revolutionized business packages, offering smaller and individual add-on packages that allow businesses to customize their content offerings and only pay for the channels they actually need for their clients and customers. This is the closest thing to an a la carte programming offering in the business-viewing marketplace today, and only offered by DISH Business Solutions! However, DISH wants to also provide services to those business customers who do want those large, all-inclusive packages that allow them to have a wide range of programming options without having to purchase several small packages.

The DISH Business Complete bundle offers the same programming as all of the individual packages, which bought separately would total $138/month, for just $70/month! That’s half the price for all of the programming and the convenience! The DISH Business Complete plus Sports offers everything the DISH Business Complete package does, plus Sports A and Sports B and the ESPN packages, which when ordered package-by-package would cost $186/month, for only $90! That’s more than %50 savings, and perfect for those business customers who want all of the channels!

DISH Business Solutions still offers there very popular and convenient small packages for those business who only need a few channels, such as News or Kids, but now also provides an excellent and very cost effective solution to those businesses who want it all!

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