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NFL Info and Previews for Week 16 Games on DISH Network

December 18th, 2013

As always, here are your channel and info guides to all the NFL games on Dish Network for week sixteen in the National Football League. Information on when and what channels on Dish will be showing games will be available, and of course we’ll let you know which Dish Network markets carry which matchups. Be sure to check each week for updated and flexed schedule changes!

NFL Dish

New Orleans (+3) at Carolina — 1:00PM FOX  (46.5 +/-)

The victor will likely win the NFC South, so expect this game to be a marquee match-up in the NFL this weekend. New Orleans hammered Carolina two weeks ago in New Orleans, but the Panthers and their defense (which still lead the league in ppg allowed) have been almost unstoppable at home this year. Vegas clearly thinks it’s a toss-up, since most home teams are given three points and that’s exactly what the Panthers are favored by. Expect this one to be a little lower in scoring than you might expect from a Brees/Payton led team, but it should come down to the wire. For those interested in the totals, New Orleans has gone Under in five straight.

Find this game on Dish Network Fox channels in Raleigh, Charlotte, Wilmington, Atlanta, New Orleans, Jackson, Knoxville, Asheville, Greensboro, Louisville, Columbia and other cities


Dallas (-3) at Washington — 1:00PM FOX (53.5 +/-)

Washington is thoroughly out of the playoff picture and Dallas is looking like a total mess after blowing a 23 point lead to Green Bay last weekend. So why is this game compelling? Because it’s the Redskins and Cowboys – the great soap operas in football, both always and especially right now. Dallas is still in the playoff picture if they can pull off this and next week’s win, and the Redskins (or more specifically, Mike Shanahan) have benched Robert Griffin III in favor of Kirk Cousins while RGIII recovers from injury. Of course, Griffin should have been recovering months ago, and that’s part of the reason we’re seeing the power struggle at the top between Dan Snyder and Shanahan. Shanahan, Romo, Snyder, the name “Redskins,” RGIII on the bench — if that game doesn’t sound like entertainment, then what does?

Find this game on Dish Network Fox channels in Dallas, Albuquerque, Austin, San Antonio, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Washington DC, Norfolk, Arlington, Philadelphia and other cities.


New England (+2.5) at Baltimore — 4:25PM CBS (45 +/-)

Both teams would qualify for the playoffs if the season ended today, but this one has bigger implications. The Patriots are still looking to overtake Denver for the #1 position, or at least keep Cincinnati off their heels for the #2 spot. And Baltimore will look at this as an opportunity to potentially still win the AFC North and get a home field advantage in the playoffs (which they used to defeat the Patriots in the divisional round just a few years back). Brady and Belichick aren’t “dogs” too often, mark this one down on your calendar.

This game can be seen on Dish Network CBS channels in Oregon, Utah, Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Kansas City, St. Louis, Louisville, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, New York, Boston and other locales throughout the nation.


Miami at Buffalo (+2.5) — 1:00PM CBS (43 +/-)

Sitting at seventh in the AFC playoff picture, the Dolphins are still in postseason contention if they can hold off the Bills in this divisional match-up. Watch for quarterbacks Ryan Tannehill and EJ Manuel to make impacts, as both teams continue to ride their young QBs. With young quarterbacks from warm-weather schools (Texas A&M for Tannehill, Florida State for Manuel), this one could be more of a defensive struggle in the cold weather of Buffalo on Sunday.

Catch this game on Dish Network CBS channels in Miami, West Palm Beach, Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Syracuse, Buffalo, Tallahassee, Pensacola, Baltimore and other cities.


Chicago at Philadelphia (-3) — 8:30PM NBC (56 +/-)

This is the night game for a reason, as both teams will need this win to keep their current playoff spots. The Bears and Eagles both lead their division with lackluster 8-6 records, meaning a loss in this game could drop them into the back of the wildcard picture were they to squander their divisional leads in the last few weeks. Dallas is right on Philadelphia’s heels in the NFC East, and look for Chip Kelly to play fast and loose, as the Eagles are just 8 20+ yard plays away from breaking the all-time NFL record. With the Bears always bringing a great defense on the road, something will have to give.

This game can be found nationally on Dish Network NBC nationwide.


Check the blog each week for updated maps and city/market television guides…

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