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World Cup Brazil TV News: scheduling may change after stadium snafu

January 22nd, 2014

Troubling developments within Brazilian construction of one of the major stadiums for the 2014 FIFA World Cup have led to doubts over whether or not the stadium will be ready in time to fulfill it’s duties. The Arena da Baixada in Curtiba, Brazil is well behind schedule and has suffered multiple issues since building began.

Several teams scheduled to play in the stadiums (most World Cup-hosting nations have multiple venues with different teams playing in different areas of the country), including #1 world-ranked Spain, might be in jeopardy of having their schedules changed — disrupting their preparation and basic comforts at the very least.

The issue isn’t just limited to the teams, however. With rescheduling, television broadcasting issues could easily arise, since marketing dollars and advertisement investment is very much dependent on time of day and many other sensitive factors. TV schedules could change, leaving fans with already-made plans in the dust.

A full current schedule can be found here.

Most importantly, fans who’ve spent thousands to travel to the area over the summer have now had their itineraries changed. They may have to look for refunds on travel or hotel purchases if they were planning to follow their team to Curtiba.

The best course of action for those watching on TV is to have multiple options (easy with more satellite TV packages) for which to pick up games if there is rescheduling of any kind. Stay tuned to for updates and all your FIFA World Cup 2014 TV and viewing news.

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