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$50 Giveaway Winner!

March 5th, 2012

The winner Cannon Satellite TV’s $50 gift card giveaway is Courtney Bella! Congratulations Courtney and thank you to everyone who entered.

We greatly appreciated everyone’s feedback about your favorite shows! From the responses we received, 80 shows were deemed favorites, and True Blood was the most popular response! Drama was the most popular category, with 17 shows being mentioned 24 times. Grey’s Anatomy was the most popular drama and medical drama, where as CSI and NCIS were the most popular crime/legal dramas. 18 mentions were given to sitcoms, and no surprise to find that Modern Family topped that list, but was closely followed by Parks and Recreation and The Office. Competition shows like The Amazing Race and The Voice and premium shows like Dexter and Game of Thrones were twice as popular as reality shows and science fiction/horror shows like Fringe and The Walking Dead. Bottoming out the list were documentaries and talk shows with only one mention each, I Survived and Ellen respectively.

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