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DirecTV Everywhere? Not So Much

May 3rd, 2013

DirecTV has made some additions to their “everywhere” service recently, including extending some basic features like DVR scheduling to their iPhone and Android apps. Features DISH customers have been enjoying with the Dish Remote Access app for years. So when DirecTV says “Everywhere”, what do they really mean? Do they mean you can go anywhere in the world with your iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, laptop or other internet connected device and view your live DISH television service or DVR recordings, like you can with DISH and Sling’s TV Everywhere technology?

No. DirecTV’s “Everywhere” service allows you to control your DVR, view DVR and OnDemand content, and some live television when you’re out. For anything else you must be at home on the same internet connection as your DirecTV receiver. Seems a bit misleading to call it “Everywhere” then.

If you’re looking for true TV Everywhere service you’ll love the DISH Hopper with Sling. It allows you to easily access all of your DISH live television service, as well as view and manage your DVR, no matter where you are. That’s true TV Everywhere service!

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