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DISH and Qualcomm on the Forefront of LTE-Advanced

June 15th, 2012

LTE is the future of mobile service, and 4G-LTE is now a standard among mobile carriers and is set to become the first global standard for mobile phones. Even though LTE may seem like brand new service to you (didn’t it just become a buzz word a few weeks ago?) the tech sector is already moving on to LTE-Advanced, the soon to be new brand new mobile standard. DISH has been on top of the game and has already signed a deal with telecommunications giant Qualcomm to create LTE-Advanced chipsets for their future devices.

DISH is trying to convince the federal government to allow them to use 40MHZ chunk of satellite spectrum to launch a terrestrial LTE-Advanced network in the US. It’s likely to be passed, as the only thing that had stopped LightSquared, the company that tried to do the same thing before, was that their service caused interference with GPS navigation signals. DISH of course wouldn’t have this problem as they’d be using their own bandwidth that has been specifically set aside for the network’s use, no need to share with anyone else.

If the federal government does okay DISH’s plan they will be the first to launch a nationwide LTE-Advanced network and their equipment will be the first equipped with chips ready to take advantage of the blazing speed (up to 100mbs download). This is why DISH is the best in technology, they’re always at the front of the pack when it comes to technological revolutions.

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