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An Exclusive Look Inside the Tailgater

July 6th, 2012

DISH Network’s Tailgater is an self-contained, fully automatic satellite installation, and at around 10 pounds it’s compeltely portable as well!

How does the Tailgater work? Well let’s take a look inside.

As you can see the satellite dish, and components that allows it to search for and find a signal on its own, are all contained within the Tailgater. No flimsy tripods, no pointing and peaking the dish yourself. Simply connect it to a ViP 211, ViP 211k or ViP 411 DISH Network receiver that’s connected to a TV, turn it on, and watch satellite TV!

It doesn’t get much easier than that! The Tailgater is perfect for any time you’re outdoors and want to bring your TV with you. Just because you’re tailgating at one game, doesn’t mean you need to miss the others! Glamorous camping, or “glamping”, has been all the rage lately. It doesn’t get more glam than to be able to bring your HDTV along with you and keep up on your favorite shows, anywhere!

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