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When and Where To Use the DISH Tailgater

September 4th, 2013


The Tailgater® from DISH Network is a piece of equipment like no other. It’s one thing to get the enjoyment that you do out of watching your favorite shows, games and more at your home, but what if you could bring the power of DISH Network anywhere with you that you went, with television and all? That is what the Tailgater® does. It’s a mini portable satellite antenna that allows you to bring the big screen anywhere with you.

With that in mind, you want to ask yourself: “when is really the right time to bring the Tailgater®  into play? It might be more common than you think.

1. While Tailgating…of course!

As the name suggests, the Tailgater®  is meant for tailgating. Right now is the the time to bring the Tailgater® into action as the football season fires up. It was only last Saturday that college football season got its start, and with the NFL regular season getting underway, you’ll have the chance to see what the Tailgater®  is all about. 

So why would anyone bring the Tailgater®  to a game when there is one happening already? Well, as you and your friends are waiting to enter the stadium, there’s a good chance that another game is being covered or is already on. Through DISH Network, there are all kinds of sports channels available in your lineup, including ESPN channels, beIN sport, Fox Sports and so much more. Keep the charge going with a range of all kinds of games happening. You might even make a few new friends along the way.

2. Bring it Camping

Campgrounds all over the country bring a wealth of activities for you and your friends/family to get involved in. From the morning hikes, to kayaking, fishing and more, you might find that you need to catch a break. Return to your campsite and see what’s on the TV while still being outside.

You don’t need to retreat into your RV to watch DISH TV. The Tailgater®  can fit right in the back of your pickup truck, or even a modern station wagon. Catch some wind and grill up some burgers and hang back with DISH .

3. Hosting your outdoor party

Autumn might be just about here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fit a nice backyard get together still. With the power of your TV and the Tailgater® , you’ll be able to provide easy entertainment to everyone that you have invited. Maybe it is similar to that of the tailgating scenario, but one way or another, you’re still bring a level of entertainment that only DISH can provide, and everyone is still getting the fresh air and Sun to keep the mood positive.

How do you use the Tailgater®? Tell Cannon Satellite TV to share your ideas with the rest of the Cannon community.

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