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Bundle Your DISH TV and Internet and Save!

February 13th, 2013

DISH Net high speed satellite internet is here to offer you the best in broadband internet, no matter where you live. It’s hard to find reliable, high-speed internet when you live in a rural area, but with DISH Net you don’t have to choose between very slow or very expensive.

With three different packages it’s easy to find something to suit your lifestyle and your budget. Also, if you bundle your internet services with your existing DISH Network satellite television services you can save up to $10 month!




Bundled price. Regular price $49.99/mo Bundled price. Regular price $59.99/mo Bundled price. Regular price $79.99/mo
5gb of anytime data
5gb of bonus data
Download speeds up to 5mbps
5gb of anytime data
5gb of bonus data
Download speeds up to 5mbps
Best Deal!
Double the speed and data for only $10 more a month!
15gb of anytime data
15gb of bonus data
Download speeds up to 5mbps

Interested in DISH Net? It’s easy to get started! You can use the look up tool to enter your zip code and find the packages and services available in your area! Or you can check out the package selector on this page to find the absolute perfect package for your family and use! Use the sliders to find out how much data you’ll be needing.

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Why Connect Your DISH Receiver to Your Home Internet?

August 29th, 2012

here’s more to DISH than meets the eye. Connect your HD DVR receiver to broadband Internet, and gain instant access to thousands of free movies, TV shows and premium titles online. A world of free entertainment is just a click away. Once your HD DVR Receiver is connected to broadband Internet, you can enjoy thousands of free titles on your TV, On Demand, and on the go.

TV Shows & Movies

When you connect your HD DVR to broadband Internet, many of your current networks give you added special content you can’t get anywhere else, such as extra footage of some of your favorite shows.

Premium Channels

If premium channels are part of your package, just wait until you connect to broadband internet! You’ll have complete access to a long list of additional offerings from HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®.

DISH Cinema

Once you’re connected to broadband internet, you’ll have no trouble finding what you want on DISH Cinema. It’s the most convenient way to rent Hollywood hits without the hassles, lines or late fees.

Manage Your Subscription

When connected, you can access customer support to pay your bill 24/7. You can also make changes to your subscription on DISH 101 Interactive Channel.

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