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Firms rank Dish Network a top provider in customer satisfaction

December 6th, 2013


According to a London-based research firm, Dish Network’s 15% increase in customer service ranking over the last six months — the largest increase in the study — has propelled Dish into the top two of all TV providers in the United States.

Dish Network’s score is even more telling when compared to cable companies. The older form of home television consumption performed very poorly when compared to newer technologies like satellite and Dish Network. Comcast, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable and Cox all scored low.

The rankings and comparisons between the cable and satellite providers was based on a -100 to +100 scale — meaning a zero is a neutral score, and a +100 would mean 100% of a companies feedback was positive. Comcast scored a very low “1” and Time Warner Cable scored an abysmal -10, down from their negative -7 just a few months ago. Dish Network was one of the highest with +16%.

The study was based on extensive phone interviews and scientific polling surveys.

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