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DISH vs Comcast

June 28th, 2011

When comparing everyday prices, DISH Network has 6 packages under $60 per month. Comcast only gives you a choice of two packages under $60. Plus, in the past year, Comcast has already increased their prices twice in some markets. Hundreds of thousands of households across the country have seen their prices increase by as much as $6 a month, and that’s just for programming. Comparing package for package, DISH Network simply costs less:

Comcast would have you believe that by bundling phone, internet and television services you can save money, but you’d spend an of $130 a month for all three services and as much as $65.45 for television alone. DISH Network offers the lowest all-digital prices nationwide. Our prices start as low as $24.99/month for our base package, which means if you unbundle your Comcast television service, you can save as much as $40.46/month with DISH Network.

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