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HGTV: Home and Garden Improvement at Its Best

March 1st, 2013

Home and Garden Television, HGTV, is known for its amazing lineup of home improvement and gardening television shows. From decorating shows to yard makeovers, if you love to DIY or even professional remodeling, HGTV has what you love! Check out some of HGTV’s most popular programs.

House Hunters International

A spin-off of the wildly popular House Hunters, House Hunters International showcases buyers looking to purchase homes all over the world. Follow along as a realtor shows three houses, aiming to meet the client’s sundry lists of needs and wants, and the clients view, debate and settle on their perfect international dream home. House Hunters International air new episodes on HGTV every weeknight at 10:30/9:30c!

Sarah’s House

Designer Sarah Richardson has purchase a new home and is working her way through it, space by space and room by room, to take from cookie-cutter blah to custom fabulous! Watch as Sarah does it all, from visualizing to budgeting to remodeling, and be inspired by her can-do-it-yourself attitude and trademark fresh style.

Property Brothers

Drew is licensed realtor, his identical twin Johnathon is a licensed contractor. Together they show families looking for their dream homes (that are often way out of their budgets) how to buy and renovate “fixer upper” houses to meet all of their needs. Working on a limited timeline and budget the brothers employ CGI to show home buyers how their dream homes can come alive, and with a little bit of effort, often for far less money. New episodes air on HGTV on Wednesdays at 9pm/8c!

HGTV is available in DISH Network’s America’s Top 120 and above.

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