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Restore Backed Up Information to Your Hopper or Remote

October 15th, 2012

You can use your remote to backup your remote and Hopper or Joey settings in case you ever need to replace your equipment. It takes only 5 steps to backup your information, and just a few more to restore it. Much quicker and easier than reprogramming everything on your receiver or remote!

1. Press “Menu”

Press the menu button on the top left corner of the remote.

2. Select Settings

On the Main Menu select the Settings tile in the bottom left corner.

3. Select Diagnostics

In the Settings Menu select the Diagnostics tile in the middle of the bottom row.

4. Select System Wizard

In the Diagnostics Menu select the Systam Wizard tile, which is the second to last from the right.

5. Select Restore

On the System Wizard screen there are three blue buttons on the right of the screen, select the bottom button that says Restore.

6. Select Device to Restore

On the Restore screen press the left arrow button to navigate to the options in the middle of the screen. Select which device you would like to restore, remote or receiver. Press the right arrow button to navigate back to the blue buttons on the right of the screen.

6. Select Restore

On the Restore screen select the bottom blue button labeled Restore to restore the settings of the device you selected in step 5.

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