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Five Comedies Coming in October

September 23rd, 2013

The excitement is continuing to build as the 2013-2014 TV season unveils old favorites and new shows week by week with the kickoff of Fall 2013. Dramas and comedies pretty much form the basis of new shows every year, and this season is looking to stay within that line. Everyone has enough drama in their life to deal with, so we at Cannon thought we would outline a set of new comedies that are set to premier in October (which may be arriving sooner than you think).

Image courtesy of ABC

Super Fun Night (ABC, Oct. 2)

Rebel Wilson, who gained big fame after big hits like Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect is back with a new show written by and starring her titled Super Fun Night. The premise sounds simple enough: A bunch of women reserve every Friday night for a mix of rowdy fun and possible trouble. Everything goes smoothly until the lead character played by Wilson decides to invite an attorney along for the ride, potentially compromising the integrity of the famed Friday night.

Image courtesy of NBC

Welcome to the Family (NBC, Oct. 3)

Mike O’Malley, that guy that you see in all kinds of commercials and shows everywhere is back in another show from NBC titled Welcome to the Family. The show sounds to be a comedic Romeo and Juliet story that has been simmered down for the primetime crowd. Two children of differing families begin to date – one Latino, the other Caucasian – and eventually decide to marry after pregnancy ensues. The result is a pushed cohesion of the two families, and all of the shenanigans ensue.

Image courtesy of NBC

Sean Saves the World (NBC, Oct. 3)

Already immortalized from Will and Grace fame, Sean Hayes is taking back the screen this season with Sean Saves the World sounds to be a classic family balance story, caught up with the modern times. With other shows like Modern Family tackling and bringing issues of LGBT parents and families to the main screen, Sean Saves the World looks to be continuing the momentum.

Hayes plays Sean, successful at his job and recently divorced. His daughter comes into his life, and accepts his role and responsibility as a father. Demands from work pile high, and we witness Sean take on the responsibilities of single fatherhood and professional. Sounds to carry the safe comedy formula that other primetime networks have caught onto, but Hayes is likely to give a great performance.

Image courtesy of NBC

The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC)

Michael J. Fox has proven over and over again that Parkinson’s Disease doesn’t have to mean the end of the road. He has appeared in various shows and films since revealing his disease more than a decade ago (though he has had it since 1991), and now he is back in his own premier show on NBC. He plays Mike Henry, a popular news anchor who is forced to leave his position after getting Parkinson’s. After a few years out of the loop, he decides to get back in to the game, with the trials and tribulations you might expect.

Image courtesy of CBS

The Millers (CBS)

Loaded with plenty of familiar faces, The Millers is another family-based (but probably not appropriate) series staring Will Arnett, Beau Bridges and Margo Martindale (with others). One divorce follows another divorce all within the same family, and complications arise from all four corners. 


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