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May Free Previews

May 1st, 2013

Every month DISH offers you new selections of the most popular and exciting channels! Check out the ones available in May.

DIY Network

DIY Network is the go-to destination for rip-up, knock-out home improvement television. DIY Network’s programs and experts answer the most sought-after questions and offer creative projects for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. DIY Network’s programming covers a broad range of categories, including home improvement and landscaping.
Always available with America’s Top 250
Channel 111

Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel is The Heart of TV offering a dynamic lineup of irresistible series, adored classics, and captivating original movies. From the enduring warmth of old friends to the vibrant pulse of new favorites, Hallmark Channel is the only destination that sparks real emotional moments for viewers to share.
Always available with America’s Top 200
Channel 185

Sundance Channel

Sundance Channel is the destination for What’s Next, Now. Showcasing both today’s creative icons and the emerging talent of tomorrow, Sundance Channel tells bold stories with a fresh point of view. In addition to award-winning films, Sundance Channel is home to daring new original programming.
Always available with America’s Top 200
Channel 358

NHL Network

As the definitive hockey destination, NHL Network offers viewers a 24-hour all-access pass to complete hockey coverage both on and off the ice, including live NHL games. The network’s daily signature show — NHL On The Fly — offers fans exclusive live look-ins to NHL games, plus special event coverage from the NHL All-Star Game, NHL Stanley Cup Final and NHL Entry Draft.
Always available with America’s Top 200 and Multi-Sport
Channel 157


GSN is the only TV network devoted exclusively to GAMES, including a broad array of genres, casino games, reality/game show hybrids, physical games, documentaries, as well as its ever popular game shows.
Always available with America’s Top 200
Channel 116

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Get the Most Popular Games with Blockbuster @Home

October 29th, 2012

Play the most popular games on console or computer with Blockbuster @Home discs delivered right to your door! Along with renting thousands of movies from Blockbuster @Home by mail, you can also rent thousands of video games for Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and Wii by mail. Simply find a game you want to rent and add it to your Queue. And best of all, there’s no extra cost.

You can check out Blockbuster @Home’s extensive game listing here, and here are some of the hot new releases you can have delivered right to your door with Blockbuster @Home from DISH Network!

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Dish Network and Blockbuster @Home: A Perfect Combination

April 9th, 2012

Dish Network knows how important it is to see all of the biggest hits on the big screen at a fraction of the cost on the small screen. They have combined with Blockbuster to create Blockbuster @Home and offer the largest selection of movies, shows, and games available.

You get over 100,000 titles when you choose Blockbuster @Home delivered straight to your door or in-store. You can also have the movies streamed directly to your TV, iPad, or computer. That means you can choose any movie you want at any time of day or night. You also get more than 20 movie channels on Dish Network including Palladia, Sony Movie Channel, and others.

If you prefer games, you can get a great selection regardless of what format you prefer. You can get games for Xbox, Xbox360, Playstation, and Wii.

Dish Network bought Blockbuster in 2011 so you can get both services for one payment. You can find out which titles are available and which ones have a wait and whether it is a short wait of 2 weeks or a long wait that can be over 6 weeks.

In addition to Blockbuster @Home, Dish Network offers a wide variety of movie channels for subscribers. HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime are some of their biggest movie channels. They are often used in special offers to new subscribers free for so many months to give people a chance to try them out. They are included with the America’s Everything Pak, the biggest package that Dish Network offers.

Each movie channel has multiple channels so you can get the most movies possible. HBO has 9 separate channels, Cinemax has 4, Showtime has 9 channels with 5 of them in HD, and Starz gives you over 600 movies with their 8 channels.

Whether you are a serious movie buff who can name every hit movie and leading actor from the last ten years or a casual moviegoer who records the occasional hit for a quiet evening at home, Dish Network has the best selection to suit your tastes. You can find a package that fits every level of cinema lover.

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Blockbuster @Home

February 22nd, 2012

DISH, a leading provider of America’s favorite channels and shows, has teamed up with Blockbuster®, the source you’ve trusted for over 25 years for the best selection of movies, games and new releases, to offer you Blockbuster @Home™. Blockbuster @Home™ brings the most extensive collection of movies, games and shows straight to your home exclusively from DISH Network!

There are two ways to bring all of the action straight to your home, discs by mail and streaming to your PC or TV.


  • Stream thousands of movies and shows to your TV or PC
  • 25,000 additional titles are available to customers through a compatible internet-connected DISH receiver
  • Access Blockbuster @Home™ on your Hopper even if you aren’t connected to the internet

Discs By Mail

  • Many new releases 28 days before they reach Netflix® or Redbox®
  • Over 100,000 titles including video games, movies and shows
  • Blu-Ray rentals at no extra cost
  • No due dates or late fees
  • Able to exchange DVDs and games in-store

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Add High Speed Internet to DISH Network

August 29th, 2011

DISH Network offers you the best value in TV, and you can now add the best in high speed internet! With high speed internet you can:

Download music, upload photos and chat with friends and family
Great for playing online games
The family can be online at the same time
Stream movies and TV shows FREE and FAST from
Add a Sling® Adapter and take your home TV everywhere
Have the Internet and your TV work together with Google TV

Bring your whole entertainment system together with DISH Network and high speed internet!

Call 866-912-4774 to get DISH Network and high speed internet so you can enjoy the best in TV and the web!

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How to Find a Game On DISH Network: Where’s My Game?

May 24th, 2011

Looking for that big game? Not sure what channel your favorite team is on? DISH Network has an amazing tool called Where’s My Game? that allows you to look up all of the games playing in your area.

At the Where’s My Game? tool you can put in your account number or zip code and choose a sport to find all of the games playing in your area.

The tool will display games available to you in light gray, and games that have been blacked out in dark grey.

The results tell you the day and date of the game; which game it is; whether it’s available in HD or not; what stations and channel it’s showing on; whether it is blacked out in your area; and what level of programming is required to see it.

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