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Highlight of CES Day 1: OLED TVs

January 8th, 2013

Samsung displayed their impressive OLED TV at CES again this year. Though the prototype is incredibly impressive, with a razor thin display and unbelievably rich colors and blacks, there is still no information about shipment or price.

Along with being thin and beautiful, Samsung’s OLED television offers a 1.35GHz quad-core A15 processor, voice control, and Smart Hub software. Smart Hub is a revolutionary interface for Samsung’s new line of Smart TVs. You are able to browse what’s on TV, including movies, shows and sports, as well as content from streaming services like Netflix and your personal videos and photos.

As well as the OLED TV Samsung also unveiled a new, streamlined Smart Hub menu, as seen above. With the first day of CES complete and some exciting things coming out, we can’t wait to see the rest this trade show will have to offer! Have you been following CES?

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CES 2013 Beginning Tomorrow

January 7th, 2013

The Consumer Electronics Show is an international technological trade show held in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center every January. It is famous for displaying the latest and greatest in consumer technology that should be available in the coming year. Technology giants like DISH Network come from all over the world to display their newest innovations and inventions, and consumers visit or watch online or on TV from home to get a glimpse of the near future of consumer electronics.

Will you be watching this week to see what comes out of CES 2013? We’ll be offering highlights all week on this blog!

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