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Magic City: Miami Beach, 1959

May 9th, 2012

As Ike Evans rings in the New Year at his luxurious Miramar Playa Hotel, Havana falls to Castro’s rebels. It’s a turbulent time in Miami, but it’s THE place to be. The Kennedys, the mob and the CIA all hold court here. And Ike, he’s the star of his hotel.

But everything comes at a price.

To finance his dream, he sold his soul to mob boss Ben “The Butcher” Diamond. Ike’s wife Vera, a former showgirl, and his three kids think he’s an honorable man, but he can’t break his pact with the devil. His life is a façade.

In fact, nothing at the Miramar Playa is what it seems. By day, it’s diving clowns and cha-cha lessons. By night, escorts have secret liaisons with husbands in the family cabanas, while Miami’s seedier residents and the law drift together to hear legendary singers, musicians and comics.

As Ike’s world threatens to implode, he fights for his family, and the Miramar Playa, in Magic City.

The beautiful life is about to get ugly.
From the Starz site.

Magic City stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Danny Huston, Alex Rocco, and many more. It’s a ritzy hour long ride that manages to successfully capture the allure and intensity of Miami as it rolled into the 60s. Starz is showing more and more that they may not pump out dozens of shows a year like other premium cable networks, but the ones they do invest in are entertaining and captivating.

Watch the first three episodes of Magic City for free on the Starz site now!

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