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FCC chairman grilled by Congress as net neutrality becomes hot topic

May 23rd, 2014

how does sertraline make you feel. #cheap Zoloft. does zoloft make you feel high. FCClogo-610The issue of net neutrality is finally getting its moment in the spotlight due to the Federal Communications CommissionA?ai??i??ai???s recent decision to approve the proposed net neutrality rules in a 3-2 vote along party lines. The vote begins 120 days of public commentary about how to regulate the Internet. jaguar viagra. 300-101 practice test

Net neutrality has long bored the very people that it is meant to protect, which is pretty much everyone with technology being as big as it is. The problem is complicated and I canA?ai??i??ai???t even get my grandma to figure out how her e-mail works, let alone understand how the Internet is served up and delivered to her. Read more

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Netflix again accuses cable companies of throttling their speeds

March 24th, 2014

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In a dramatic blog post last week, Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings once again criticized the major internet ISP’s (the major companies that provide most Americans with internet service) in the U.S. for throttling their speeds. Naturally, the CEO is standing up for his business, but he touches on the net neutrality issue that affects all internet and cable users. So let’s take a look at what those issues are and how they affect everyone. Read more

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