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Netflix vs Blockbuster

September 12th, 2011

Netflix’s recent price hikes and failed negotiations with Starz, its biggest supplier of new movies, leaves some wondering, “Why pay more for less content?”

Netflix’s current contract with Starz ends February 28th, 2012. After that time they will no longer have movies from Sony Pictures or Walt Disney Studios, or Starz original shows like Party Down and Spartacus.

When you sign up for a new DISH Network account you can get a free 3-month trial of 1-disc at a time Blockbuster! With Blockbuster you get:

  • Unlimited movies, TV shows and games through the mail
  • Plus in-store exchanges
  • Over 100,000 titles to choose from
  • Many new releases available before Netflix® and redbox®
  • Blu-ray rentals are included at no extra fee
  • No due dates or late fees
  • Don’t wait for your next rental to ship. Get it right now at your local Blockbuster store with 5 in-store exchanges each month.
  • 3-month trial of Blockbuster only valid with Blockbuster “1 Disc” plan. Offer not available for Blockbuster “2 Disc” or “3 Disc” plans.

If you’re already a DISH Network customer but still want to get away from the higher prices and and poor selection on Netflix, Blockbuster is offering a free 30-day trial to all Netflix members wanting to make the switch. Say hello to Blockbuster to sign up!

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