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Do you know about SiriusXM on Dish?

October 17th, 2013



Listen to the music that you love can be difficult to come by these days with radio stations that are littered with commercial after commercial. What can be even more frustrating is not having as much control over what kind of music you want to dig into. Forget about the radio stations in your car for a minute, and take the time to learn about how music channels on DISH Network can bring you the best of all of you favorite music in a simple way.

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Great Music Offerings from Sirius XM, Pandora and Palladia

February 27th, 2013

SiriusXM brings you 70+ channels of commercial-free music from every genre, live performances, exclusive interviews, artist-dedicated channels and much more. Welcome to the world of satellite radio.

SiriusXM has more of what you love, from pop to country and everything in-between. SirisuXM plays it all. Get 24/7 artist-dedicated channels, including E Street Radio, Eminem’s Shade 45, Willie’s Roadhouse, Siriusly Sinatra, Radio Margaritaville and more. With DISH Anywhere technology, you can take SiriusXM on the go and listen on your tablet, laptop, smartphone, and other internet connected devices.

Want to take full advantage of your impressive home theater speaker setup? You can listen to Sirius XM in full surround sound. Bring your favorite music and artists into your living room, it’s like having a private performance just for you!

As well as the impressive offerings of Sirius XM, you can also get your own personalized stations from Pandora with the app on the Hopper! Pandora on the Hopper allows you to easily search for your favorite artists or songs and create personalized radio stations that play only the music you love from the comfort of your home. Simply login to the Pandora App on your Hopper using your existing Pandora account, or create a new Pandora account, to stream personalized radio stations through your TV.

With Blockbuster @Home you can check out Palladia HD, your all-access pass to the hottest music programming ever seen – and heard – on television. Palladia scours the globe for concert performances and highlights from marquee music festivals such as V Fest, and Queen: Rock Montreal. Featuring a mix of festivals, concert performances and music-based movies, Palladia HD is a music television experience so vivid you’d swear your were there.

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