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Hopper Remote Locator

December 28th, 2012

We all hate losing the remote, but those elusive little devices often end up buried in couch cushions or under tables. Well, the search is over. With DISH’s Hopper, the most advanced set-top box on the market, a simple push of a button will locate your remote immediately.

On the front of your Hopper or Joey receiver there is a door. Pressing in on the door will make it come down and inside are the slot for your Smart Card and buttons for operating your receiver. As shown in the image above, the Locate Remote button is to the right of the select button, below the System Info and Jump buttons.

Simply pressing the Locate Remote button will cause the remote to flash and beep. Once you’ve found the remote, pressing any button will make the flashing and beeping stop.

Now that you won’t have to spend time hunting for your remote, you’ll have plenty more time to enjoy your superior service and entertainment from DISH!

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