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Channels on DISH for the whole family

August 26th, 2013


The content on TV these days looks to be getting more and more bold when it comes to cutting edge themes, language, and other adult-oriented material. The channels that used to be protective of what could be shown seem to be loosening their grip. While this allows the shows that we see on many of the available channels develop more advanced themes and realistic stories, the big concern is what parents have to protect their children from seeing.

It can be stressful for parents in having to figure out what their kids can watch when they have DISH Network, but actually, DISH offers a great list of family-oriented channels that everyone in the home will be able to gather around. If you were wondering what channels are available on DISH, take a quick look for yourself.

The channels listed below are all available when you order America’s “Everything” Pak, but other packages may or may not carry all of these channels. Call Cannon Satellite TV if you wish to learn more about what is included in the package of your choice.

  • Nickelodeon – Now one of the classic shows for children and young adults, Nickelodeon has been providing classic shows for several decades now. DISH has both Nickelodeon West and East available to subscribers. DISH also offers other channels such as Nick Jr., Nicktoons Network and TeenNick as well!
  • Disney Channel – One of the most recognizable names in entertainment, the Disney Channel is the source for programming that young ones can find fun and relatable.
  • Cartoon Network – With dozens of original shows and more, Cartoon Network is a world in itself that is full of all kinds of unique characters.
  • ABC Family – Though oriented for the whole family, ABC Family dives a bit more into issues that growing kids might face. However, there is still plenty of programming that everyone in the home will be able to find fun, together.
  • Boomerang – Relive cartoons of the past with your children on Boomerang, a channel that is devoted to the classics. You’ll probably find that you’ll get struck with some nostalgia as old cartoons that you used to love take over your screen.
  • HBO Family – Movies, original shows, and more, HBO Family is an excellent source for family-safe programming, and it’s all without commercials!
  • …and others!

DISH Network has options for the family that you’re looking for. Remember that with the Smart Pack, which is an introductory package of DISH Network, you’ll get 55 channels that are packed together for the whole family to huddle around. DISH has you covered when it comes to getting your family together when the time is right.

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