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No more NFL? Here are the major sports events to watch this spring

February 5th, 2014

Sure, so the NFL is over. I guess there’s nothing to watch in the sporting variety until August right? Wrong! Nearly all TV packages will be including the following events in the coming months:

The Sochi Winter Olympics begin on February 7th in Russia, and go for 16 days until February 16th.

The MLS Soccer season begins March 8th. Many games are on national television, but there’s also an MLS package offered in most areas if you need every game.

The NASCAR Sprint Series picks back up from the holiday hiatus on February 15th.

NFL scouting and combines start February 18th.

NCAA March Madness basketball begins March 18th.

Major League Baseball and the Boys of Summer’s opening day is March 31st.

The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs begin on April 15th, and generally run through June.

A full list can be found at ESPN.


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