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Set Your DISH Remote to Satellite Auto Tune

August 10th, 2012

A black, blue or snowy screen on your TV2 for your DISH Network duo receiver can be very frustrating, and with your DISH remote it’s entirely preventable. Here are easy step-by-step instructions on how to program your DISH remote to automatically change to the correct channel for DISH service when you press the SAT mode button.

1) At the top of your DISH Network remote are four mode buttons. Locate the TV mode button – second from the left – and press and hold it. 2) Hold the TV mode button until all of the other mode buttons light up, like in the image above.
3) Press the star (*) button, located on the bottom left of the number pad. 4) The TV mode button will light up.
5) Enter in the channel number your TV2 is supposed to be on for DISH Network service. 6) The TV mode button will light up.
7) Press the pound button to program the channel to your remote. 8) The TV mode button will flash three times.

Now when you press the SAT mode button at the top of your remote, it will not only put your remote in SAT mode so it’s ready to use with your DISH service, but also make sure your TV is on the correct channel.

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