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The Hopper is CES 2013 Best in Show

March 11th, 2013

The Hopper was unveiled at CES 2012 where it was a massive hit with consumers and industry insiders. It’s sleek design and impressive whole-home HD DVR offerings made a fan of everyone who came across it. At CES 2013 the Hopper was back on the showroom floor showing off it’s all new Sling capabilities. As well as already popular features like Auto Hop, the ability to automatically skip commercials in certain programming when activated, with the new integrated Sling functions you can now take your DISH programming and DVR recordings with you where ever you go! These all new upgrades have made the DISH Hopper a co-winner of Best in Show at CES 2013, an honor given to the most innovative and excellent technology displayed at the international function dedicated to displaying the best technology in the world!

The Hopper with a built-in Sling is wi-fi capable, allowing you to wirelessly connect to your broadband home internet service and view your programming anywhere you go with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other internet connected device. You can also take advantage of great apps like Pandora streaming music, Facebook, Game Finder – so you never miss another game because you forgot the channel again, and more! You can also check out thousands of free movies and shows, take advantage of easy PPV and VOD ordering, and even check out Blockbuster @Home’s library of 10,000s of titles!

As well as offering amazing Sling capabilities and built-in wi-fi functions, the Hopper whole-home HD DVR is the first receiver to offer wireless audio streaming. With Bluetooth you can broadcast your programming to a headset so you can listen to music or catch every play of a game without disturbing anyone else in the room or even while working in another room!

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Best of CES 2013 Day 3: DISH Sling-Enabled Hopper

January 10th, 2013

The DISH Hopper and Joey boxes, a whole-home DVR system that was revealed at CES 2012, has returned to CES with a new capability to join the already incredible features: Sling capability.

You can also transfer recorded shows directly to an iPad using a separate, free Hopper Transfers app over Wi-Fi while you’re still at home; this way you can watch them later without an Internet connection.
The Dish Hopper with Sling also lets you “fling” photos, videos, and music from a mobile device to an HDTV. That’s similar to what the Slingbox 500 does, in part thanks to Sling Media’s upgraded firmware that the company launched this week.

Sling allows you to watch live and DVR recordings anywhere with a laptop, tablet, smartphone or other internet or 3G/4G connected devices. The new Hopper also offers built in Wi-Fi for easy network and Sling connection. It also boasts a new processor that allows it to run nearly three times faster than any other satellite receiver currently available in the US.

Another excellent new feature is the ability to transfer recorded shows directly to an iPad using the free Hopper Transfers app over your home Wi-Fi connection, allowing for viewing later even without an internet connection. Much like the Slingbox 500, the Hopper with Sling allows you to “fling” media such as photos, videos and music from a mobile device to your HDTV.

As if AutoHop, Primetime Anytime, a massive 2TB hard drive that allows for recording up to 2,000 hours of standard definition television, and the whole-home DVR capabilities of the Hopper wasn’t impressive enough, the new additions unveiled at CES 2013 make the Hopper rather irresistible.

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