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NFL Info and Previews for Week 14 Games on DISH Network

December 4th, 2013

Below is your channel and info guide to all the NFL games on Dish Network for week 14 in the National Football League. You’ll find information on when and what channels on Dish you can find each game, and of course we’ll let you know which Dish Network markets carry which matchups. Be sure to check each week for updated and flexed schedule changes.

NFL Dish

Carolina (+3) at New Orleans – 8:30PM NBC (45.5 +/-)

This is the game of the week by any measure (unless you’re in the Pacific Northwest — we’ll get to that one); so much so that the NFL moved it from 1PM to the night game. The Panthers were floundering early this season but have ripped off eight straight and suddenly look like a Super Bowl contender. With the best defense in the league (Carolina) going up against the one of the best offenses in the league in their own dome (New Orleans), this is going to be a heck of a game. The winner takes control of the NFC South and the inside track to the #2 seed in the conference. Basically every Vegas odds setter gives the home team three extra points, so New Orleans being favored by three means the experts think this one is a toss up. New Orleans should be embarrassed by their Monday night blowout loss to the Seahawks, and the Panthers haven’t lost since the leaves turned for fall. Something’s got to give.

On Dish Network nationally.


Seattle (+3) San Francisco – 4:25PM  FOX  (41.5 +/-)
The preseason favorites to win the NFC, both of these teams could pull off the #1 seed. But, San Francisco would have to win this one — that’s not an opinion but a mathematical fact. The Seahawks look basically unbeatable right now (and literally are, at home), but for whatever reason Vegas thinks this is a toss up, and favored the 49ers by three for being in San Fra. However, every Casino in Sin City is also giving EV (even money) for the bet, letting you know they don’t really have a clue either. This should be a great game and you’re looking at the class of the NFC with this one.

On Dish Network Channels in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Dallas, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte, DC and more.


Kansas City (-3) Washington – 1:00PM CBS   (45 +/-)
Washington is firmly out of the playoff picture but Kansas City is fighting for a top playoff spot — making this game an important key to the NFC puzzle. The Broncos have dominated KC twice now, but the Chiefs could actually catch Denver in theory, but they have to win this one first. The records would suggest Kansas City should win this in a blowout but perhaps injuries are finally starting to take their toll, as Vegas thinks it could be a close one.

On Dish Network Channels in Kansas City, Washington D.C., Norfolk, Arlington, Dallas and more.


Indianapolis (+6) vs Cincinnati – 1:00PM CBS  (43.5 +/-)
Cincinnati is heading for the playoffs — yes, that Cincinnati, the one that’s been awful your entire life. They’ve quietly been one of the best teams in the league this year but will need everything they can get out of these last four weeks if they want to keep a top four playoff spot. With Andrew Luck still hot, this should be a great game.

On Dish Network Channels in Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville and most of Ohio.


Houston (-3) Jacksonville – 8:00PM (Thursday) NFL Network  (43.5 +/-)
These are, without a doubt, the worst two teams in professional football. So why should you be interested? First, they’re dead evenly matched. Second, the worst team in the NFL gets the #1 pick in next year’s draft, and both of these teams could use one of the great quarterbacks coming out of college this season. This might be the Toilet Bowl instead of the Super Bowl, but there’s plenty of story lines nonetheless.

Displayed nationally on the NFL Network Channel on Dish Network Satellite TV.


Check back for updated maps and city/market television guides!

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