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NFL Super Bowl Preview: Info, Spreads and Viewing Guide

January 31st, 2014

Well it’s finally here, and you couldn’t have picked a better match up — except for the fact that this is the exact match up every analyst picked at the beginning of the season. But, again, this is a good thing. These were the best two teams throughout the year, and here we are. It rarely happens this perfectly, especially in football these days as injuries have been mounting up to ridiculous degrees. The story lines are clear: Peyton’s legacy, and the “team-first” nature of the Seahawks and their young quarterback. Are these the actual game story lines though? We’ll see. Read more

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1st Round NFL Playoff Games, Info, Previews and Schedules for Dish Network

January 3rd, 2014



Kansas City (-1.5) at Indianapolis — Saturday 4:35PM NBC (46.5+/-)
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NFL Info and Previews for Week 14 Games on DISH Network

December 4th, 2013

Below is your channel and info guide to all the NFL games on Dish Network for week 14 in the National Football League. You’ll find information on when and what channels on Dish you can find each game, and of course we’ll let you know which Dish Network markets carry which matchups. Be sure to check each week for updated and flexed schedule changes.

NFL Dish

Carolina (+3) at New Orleans – 8:30PM NBC (45.5 +/-)
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