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September 16th, 2011

It’s football season and there’s no shortage of exciting games to watch every Sunday! Why limit yourself to just one game or to flipping around to different game and hoping you don’t miss something exciting?

With Picture-in-Picture it’s easy to watch two games at the same time! Switching between the two windows is as easy as pressing the SWAP button on your remote, you’ll never miss another game changing play!

To activate Picture-in-Picture your DISH Network duo receiver needs to be in Single Mode. You can active Single Mode by pressing the Mode button on the front of your receiver, usually located behind the door.

Once your duo receiver is in Single Mode you can easily activate Picture-in-Picture by pressing the PIP in button.

The PIP buttons include (from left to right): Swap, PIP, Position.

Swap: This swaps the active and inactive channels, the channel that is active is the one that plays sound.

PIP: This activates and deactivates Picture-in-Picture as well as toggles through the different window sizes.

Position: This changes the position of the inactive window.

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