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Connecting an External Hard Drive to Your DISH Network Receiver

July 2nd, 2012

An External Hard Drive (EHD) allows you to expand the disk storage of a DVR (Hopper, 922, 722k, 722, 622, 612), or enable the DVR feature on some receiver models (211k, 211, 411). The EHD must have its own power supply, support USB 2.0, and have only a single hard disk drive (flash memory is not compatible).

Looking to expand the DVR storage space of your DISH Network DVR (Hopper, 922, 722k, 722, 622, 612)? Wanting to enable the DVR feature on your receiver (211k, 211, 411)? That’s easy to do with an external hard drive (EHD)!

Requirements for the EHD

  • The EHD must have its own power supply.
  • USB 2.0 support.
  • Single hard disk drive (flash memory not supported).
  • Be sure to remove any data you wish to keep from the EHD before connecting to the receiver, as this process will format the EHD.
  • Once formatted for use with your DISH Network receiver the EHD should not be used with any other device. Connecting your EHD to another device will automatically prompt it to format, causing loss of data and recordings.

How to Connect the EHD

Plug the EHD into the wall outlet, use the USB cable to connect it to the receiver.

How to Configure the EHD

When you plug the EHD into the receiver’s USB port, you will be prompted with a “Warning” message. In the top right hand corner should be the number 865. This message is just letting you know that the receiver has detected your EHD and is ready to format and install the software needed to use it with your receiver. Select “yes” to begin the process. A second message, 867, will appear, letting you know the receiver will format the hard drive and reset the receiver, select “yes” again.

An “attention” message numbered 869 or 873 will appear while the receiver is working, please do not restart, turn off or disturb the receiver or EHD while it is on the screen.

Once the process is completed, your receiver will automatically reset. When it turns back on, your EHD will be ready for use!

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December 26th, 2011

DISH Network’s ViP722 HD DVR is the highest rated DVR by!

CNET describes the 722/622 models as “… the most fully featured and versatile high-def DVRs you can buy today.”

The DISH Network VIP HD DVR is not only rated higher than the DirecTV HR20 by CNET editors, but also by users! The DirecTV HR20 has an average rating of two stars out of 353 reviews on 137 of those reviews give DirecTV’s DVR a rating of 1 star or below.

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DISH Network Dual Mode Receivers

May 28th, 2011

With a dual mode receiver from DISH Network you can simplify and streamline your whole-home theater system. With one receiver you can control two televisions! Dual mode receivers are versatile and can come with HD or DVR capabilities to fit your home perfectly.

If you have a need for two standard definition televisions your best fit would be the 322 receiver family.

With a 322 receiver you can watch live television on both televisions in standard definition at the same time.

If you’d like to watch and record on two standard defintion televisions in your home you’d be most interested in the 522 receiver family.

With a receiver from the 522 family you can watch live television in standard definition on both TVs at the same time, watch live television on TV while the other records or record on both TVs. You can always watch prerecorded events from your DVR at anytime, even while recording.

If you have an HDTV and a standard definition TV and you’d like to be able to record on both the 622 receiver family, which includes the popular 722k receiver, would satisfy all of your needs.

A receiver from the 622 family allows you to watch live programming in HD on one television and standard definition on another. You can also record on one while watching live TV on another or record on both. At anytime you can watch shows, movies or events already recorded to your DVR.

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