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Great times to put DISH Anywhere to use

September 11th, 2013

Dish Anywhere

If you’re already a DISH Network customer, then you might already be familiar with DISH Anywhere – an excellent feature that makes it possible to bring experience of viewing DISH more places with you. Being able to watch your favorite programming at home is one of the classic, and perhaps the preferred way to take in DISH, but life of the modern day person is certainly getting busier and busier.

As a result, times being spent at home could very well be dwindling when there is travel to be done here, or having a business meeting there. One of the things that might be on your mind while you’re out in an unfamiliar city out of your state is:

Why do I have to miss my favorite show?

Well if you’re a DISH Network customer, missing your shows could very well become a thing of the past when you order the right equipment. Through devices such as the DISH Hopper with Sling® Technology, or the DuoDVR® ViP 722k, you’ll be able to enact the power of the Sling® Adapter to select receivers to watch DISH Anywhere.

What else do you need for DISH Anywhere?

As long as you have a trusty broadband connection in your home, such as dishNET, you’ll be able to power up the Sling® Adapter, which acts as a sort of pathway between your home TV and your mobile devices. When connected, your personal mobile device like your smartphone (select devices) or your laptop becomes a new entertainment center.

When do you put DISH Anywhere to work?

This is all up to you? When you’re out and about, when do you think the best times to fire up DISH Anywhere would be?

In the waiting room

Is your appointment taking longer than expected? Not a problem. With the DISH Anywhere App in place, you’ll be able to watch all kinds of live TV programming, recorded programming from your HD DVR, or even select On Demand programming as well. Make your waiting time seem to go a bit more quicker when you are wrapped up in a suspenseful drama, or a comedy (just try not to distract other people in the room – you might make them jealous).

Fight the delayed flight

Time never seems to go slower when dealing with an airline. Just when you think the time has come to board, a delay happens out of nowhere. This can be pretty frustrating, but DISH Anywhere can make things go so much better. Just relax, power up your tablet or smartphone, and let the time pass with the best programming that DISH Network has to offer.

Passing the time at the cafe

Forgot to bring your book? Need to take a break from outside work and studying? Bring DISH Anywhere to the coffeeshop on a Saturday or on a weeknight evening and relax a little bit over a latte (or whichever your coffee/tea weapon of choice might be).

How do you use DISH Anywhere? Let Cannon Satellite TV know!


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DISH Network Protection Plan

December 17th, 2012

The Protection Plan from DISH Network is only $7/month and offers so much! Whether your receiver needs to be replaced or repaired or you need a visit from a technician, the Protection Plan has you covered.

Replacement Equipment

Most problems are solved with a simple phone call. If the problem is isolated to the receiver, and it cannot be fixed on the call, we’ll send a replacement receiver directly to you. Just return the old receiver. The Protection Plan covers full replacement and shipping costs. It’s as simple as that!

Video Cabling & Power Surge Repairs

If a power surge damages your DISH receiver or inside video cabling, we will replace or repair it for free.

In-Home Service

If we’re unable to solve your problem with a technical support call, we’ll send someone out to help you. Our nationwide service network ensures you’re covered no matter where you live. An authorized technician will come to you for only $15. Just give us a call, and we’ll schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

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Hopper Whole-Home DVR

June 8th, 2012

The Hopper is an exciting new whole-home DVR from DISH Network, and it just keeps getting better.

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DISH Hopper!

April 25th, 2012

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DISH Hopper First Look

March 13th, 2012

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Parental Locks

September 9th, 2011

Do you worry about your children stumbling on something on TV they shouldn’t see? DISH Network makes keeping adult content away easy with parental controls!

You can access the Locks menu from your DISH Network main menu.

At this menu you can:

Set Ratings Locks

Shows and movies can be blocked according to Motion Picture Association of America and TV Guideline Monitoring board ratings or based on expanded ratings such as language, nudity, sexual content, and violence.

Set Channel Locks

Channel locks can be used to prevent access to particular channels.

Set the Front Panel Lock

This option disables the buttons on the front of your receiver. Helpful if you have small hands that like to play with buttons and lights. You would have to rely fully on your remote if you select this option, so make sure to keep it in a safe place.

Change Password

If you have already set up a password you can use this option to change it.

Set PPV Lock

Pay Per View and Video on Demand content can be blocked to prevent unwanted or accidental ordering. Note in this image above that this option currently states “Unlock PPV”, that means that PPV is currently locked. All of the locks will display this way if they are currently locked. So if you have already set up the Front Panel Lock, it will show as “Unlock Front Panel”.

Hide Adult

This will remove all adult channels from your program guide.

Hide/Show Locked

You can use this option to either hide or show channels you’ve locked. If you hide them, the channels you’ve locked or that fall outside of the parental guidelines you’ve set will not show up in your program guide. If you show them they will be visible, but will still prompt for your password when you access them.

Lock System

Option number three is the most important on this menu, as you must lock your system when you are done setting up your locks for them to take effect. If you make changes on the Locks menu but do not lock your system the changes will not be saved.

Remember, parental locks must be set up on every TV, even if you have a dual receiver for two TVs. The two different tuners in a dual receiver can have separate parental locks set up on each. This allows for you to customize the viewing experiences in your home. For instance, you can place a parental lock on the living room TV to prevent young eyes from accessing HBO, but you won’t have to worry about entering a password every time you want to watch True Blood on the television in your bedroom.

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DISH Network Dual Mode Receivers

May 28th, 2011

With a dual mode receiver from DISH Network you can simplify and streamline your whole-home theater system. With one receiver you can control two televisions! Dual mode receivers are versatile and can come with HD or DVR capabilities to fit your home perfectly.

If you have a need for two standard definition televisions your best fit would be the 322 receiver family.

With a 322 receiver you can watch live television on both televisions in standard definition at the same time.

If you’d like to watch and record on two standard defintion televisions in your home you’d be most interested in the 522 receiver family.

With a receiver from the 522 family you can watch live television in standard definition on both TVs at the same time, watch live television on TV while the other records or record on both TVs. You can always watch prerecorded events from your DVR at anytime, even while recording.

If you have an HDTV and a standard definition TV and you’d like to be able to record on both the 622 receiver family, which includes the popular 722k receiver, would satisfy all of your needs.

A receiver from the 622 family allows you to watch live programming in HD on one television and standard definition on another. You can also record on one while watching live TV on another or record on both. At anytime you can watch shows, movies or events already recorded to your DVR.

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