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DISH Introduces All new Cantonese Package and TVB Channels

November 19th, 2012

On November 18th DISH launched an all new Cantonese language package called Jadeworld. It features an extensive line up of one of the most popular channels in Hong Kong, TVB. As well as those offered by Jadeworld, many more TVB channels are joining DISH’s international programming lineup.


TVB1 has a comprehensive program line-up includes the most popular TVB dramas, Hong Kong and World news, U.S. news and financial reports, as well as current event talk shows, lifestyle and travel programs.
Channel 9988, offered in Jadeworld


In addition to Hong Kong, World and U.S. news, TVB2’s infotainment scope includes children’s programs, travel info shows, music varieties, top-rated TVB dramas and more. Same Day broadcast programs also include everyone’s favorite situation comedy.
Channel 9987, offered in Jadeworld


TVBe delivers up-to-the-minute entertainment news and reports, daily market analysis, TVB News reports, plus TVB hit-drama series and a wide range of magazine shows encompassing the most popular topics such as celebrity interviews, medicine and health, travel, food and music.
Channel 9986, offered in Jadeworld


The much renowned news digests and talk shows such as News Night Club examine the most pressing political and economic issues in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Content also includes hit dramas, travel shows, music video countdowns, as well as entertainment news.
Channel 9985, offered in Jadeworld and the Taiwanese Mega Pack


TVB Vietnam is the first 24-hour Vietnamese-dubbed TVB drama channel here in the US. With TVB Vietnam subscribers in the U.S. can now enjoy endless family-oriented TVB dramas anytime, including action, romance, comedy, family, sci-fi, good vs. evil and much more.
Channel 9998, offered in My Viet Pack


Broadcast in Mandarin, TVB8 compiles the best programming from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Featuring news, entertainment reports, interviews, talk shows, travelogues and music programs. TVB8 also offers hit dramas and sitcoms for the drama lovers in you!
Channel 9938, offered in Chinese Basic and A la Carte

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