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DISH Network DVR vs DirecTV DVR

January 2nd, 2012

DISH Network’s 722k HD DVR gives you the best technology at the lowest price! See how DirecTV’s Tivo HD DVR stacks up against the 722k.

DISH 722k HD DuoDVR DirecTV Tivo HD DVR
Service on 2 TVs Yes! No
Upfront cost to connect 2nd TV $0 $199
Monthly service fee for 1st TV $0 $5
Monthly DVR service fee $6 $7
Total monthly equipment fees $6 $12
Instantly watch PPV movies Yes! No, must download movies before you can watch
TV Everywhere – instantly watch live TV and DVR recordings on your mobile device Yes! No, DirecTV’s Nomad service requires you to download before you can watch
iPad remote control Yes! No
Live TV streaming functionality Yes! No
Game Search Yes! No
Picture in Picture Yes! No
SRS TruVolume to eliminate volume fluctuations Yes! No
3D viewing with 3D televisions Yes! No

As well DirecTV’s DVR falling far short of the 722k HD DVR, DirecTV’s Nomad service doesn’t even begin to compare to the TV Everywhere. DirecTV claims you can use Nomad to watch recorded content anywhere at any time, but before you can even begin watching you have to download your DVR content in real time. That means to download a one hour TV show can take over an hour! And you can’t even view live TV. With a DISH DVR and a Sling you can truly have all TV, recorded and live, with you instantly on your mobile devices.

DISH Network, the best value and the best technology. Call 866-912-4774 for more information today!

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